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Reviews of Beach Cafe Malabar

  • They waste the Campos coffee. Worst service among the eastern friendly local cafes.
    I tried eat-in one time. No service attendant came to you even they saw you siting and waiting over 10 minutes with less than a dozen customers in the restaurant. And they missed my order completely after I ordered over half an hour with no food served on my table. If I didn't ask, They will let you sit forever.

    Second experience for a takeaway coffee confirmed my "no go again" I am 100% sure a skim milk flat white was served but I ordered a normal flat white. The lady insisted it was full-cream. But I heard her whispered "skim flat white" too. Campos skim is too easily tasted.
  • mzthing Local Star 168 reviews
    Very relaxing love the music (reggae) here, feels like I am on holidays. You have the view of the bay, came here sat morning for breakie.

    Definitely try the corn fritters with avocado and was good.
    Prices are reasonable too will be back here.
  • This place is great. Coffee is really good, food is reasonably priced. Weekends can get a bit hectic because of its awesome location. Eggs Benedict, French Toast and their Lamb pizza's are a must.

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