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Becasse Bakery specialises in quality French artisan breads, an array of pastries, cakes and muffins.  The bakery has a mouth watering patisserie selection, showcased on stone bench tops under glass cabinets. A viewing window gives an insight into the daily life of a baker, as customers enjoy a fresh coffee and croissant seated at the stone counter. The commercial bakery is kept busy producing fresh bread for Charlie & Co. Burgers in addition to select city restaurants.
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Reviews of Becasse Bakery

  • atan7 Local Star 1,232 reviews
    At the end of the Westfield food court are some little gems, including this bakery. The baked goods are beautifully laid out, sweet temptations beckoning you to give in to your gluttonous urges. My eyes pass the tarts, the croissants, the mini cakes, ahh... Bread, that looks like a reasonable decision. At $7,95 a loaf, it ain't cheap. But everything, even plain bread tastes good here. It's the fluffy kind, nit the chewy, with a crunchy crust and perfectly browned top.
    They don't slice bread here but you can order a Half loaf if you choose.

    Try everything at least once...
  • Easternian Local Star 1,035 reviews
    Becasse Bakery is one small yet exciting bakery shop strategically located at the corner of the busy Westfield Sydney food court. Despite sharing seats with other shops and looks like having a feat of yet another bakery, their cakes and breads are actually of high quality.

    During my last visit I picked up a mango and coconut tart slice. It was nicely made and of beautiful dome shape. The taste was quite delicious. The same with pear and almond tart slice which was quite filling and of considerable serving size.

    They also sell hot drinks in which chai latte and milk chocolate are my usual orders. However I wouldn't say that they knock it out of the park with flying colours.

    The staffs have always been friendly and helpful since the first time I went to their shop. Overall, it is always worth going back to this shop - especially when you use their loyalty coffee card which can give you more bang for your buck.
  • Those with a sweet tooth can celebrate! Can't resist their $5 after 5 deals to pick up a cute and delicious treat. Their tarts are my favourite. Haven't had as much success with their savoury choices but you can't go past the desserts, they are great!
  • mins Local Star 861 reviews
    A great little quiet space on level four of Westfield with a vast array of pastries, tarts and more. All are mouthwatering and the coffee is great too.
  • Service is terrible not enough staff. Coffee was like warm without any cremma and served me a 2 day old stale cold chocolate croissant.
  • xbabydollx Local Star 1,046 reviews
    What a sublime bakery this is that I came across whilst in Sydney on my last day. Everything looked so mouthwatering delicious and I wished I could have it all but settled for a Mille Feuille and OMG WOW. Happy girl I was, but sad at the same time I couldn't have another, or try everything else in the window! Definitely coming back pass here for some sweet treats when I come back to Sydney.
  • atan7 Local Star 1,232 reviews
    Every time I go to Westfield I find myself subconsciously walking past this place so see the beautiful baked tarts and cakes, neatly lined in rows. I love looking at the intricate detailing on the little cakes and eating them all.... in my mind...
    The staff are friendly and the place is always well presented, but the prices are definitely on the 'premium' end. Come here for a nice treat after work... you'll probable see me hiding in a corner of the food court wolfing down a tart....
  • This is the cutest bakery around. I love everything inside, the cakes and all the muffins are amazing and I can't stop visiting the place.
  • A charming little bakery. Their pastries are truly the best. They sell a lot of French sweet baked goods, which are all prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients. Although the atmosphere in there isn't something special I sometimes like to sit down and enjoy my little treat, while being served by friendly and kind staff, who are always ready to help you out with anything you might need.
  • The pastries are pricey here and I wasn't thrilled by the muffins. It's not a place where you like to sit down.