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Reviews of Beethoven Piano Movers

  • I could not have wished for a better experience than the one I have just had with Beethoven Piano Removals!

    The communication and total professionalism from start to finish was just amazing. The personal care and friendly staff made it the best moving experience I have ever had.

    The costs were extremely affordable and the delivery fellows were thorough, careful and very polite and professional at all times.

    A great experience and I cannot sing their praises loud enough, and would recommend them highly to anyone and everyone!!!

    Thanks again we were very happy Beethoven Removals :)

  • I would recommend Beethoven Piano Movers to all my friends.
    Beethoven removals had all the gear to move them carefully and safely.
    Great care was taken to pad them well to protect from marks or scratches.
    Price was also very competive and included insurance ect.
    I did need to leave a message and wait to be called back-this took less than 24 hours.

    Beethoven removals certainly takes the hard work out of moving pianos.
  • I have attempted to use Beethovens a few times and have found they have extremely poor customer service. They never answer their phone and sometimes takes up to a week to get a call back.
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