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Moving House Just Went Green

Beetlebox rents green, plastic, reusable, boxes to people moving house. You'll save money and time, and protect your stuff and the planet. 

--- Why Should You Use Beetlebox? --- 
* save time; with Beetlebox, you choose a delivery time that suits you. Also there is no collecting boxes, no building and breaking them down, and no disposal afterwards 
* save money; using Beetleboxes saves you 40% over cardboard, and we have a lowest price guarantee 
* save the environment; recycling cardboard uses a lot of energy, reusing Beetleboxes IS a better solution! We also donate 1% of revenues to environmental causes. 
* save your stuff and your back; Beetleboxes are sturdy, and they are made to stack easily. They come with a dolly to make moving them a snap! 

* BOOK BY PHONE: 0422 271 554 

--- How Does It Work? --- 
i)WE DELIVER - Beetlebox delivers green reusable plastic boxes quickly and conveniently to your home or office when you need them. 
ii)YOU PACK AND MOVE - fill up the boxes and move to your new location. When you reach the new place, simply empty the boxes and neatly stack them out of the way. 
iii) WE PICK UP - Beetlebox will take away the empty boxes after your move

*FREE DELIVERY within service area! 

* BOOK BY PHONE: 0422 271 554 

-Packages available for Studio, all the way up to 4 Bedroom House, which include: 
bubble wrap 
packing paper 
free delivery 
and of course Beetleboxes! 

--- Beetleboxes vs. Cardboard --- 
Beetleboxes are an eco friendly time-saving, and cost effective moving solution. Cardboard boxes can be recycled, but the process is energy and water intensive, and it produces toxic by products. 

* BOOK BY PHONE: 0422 271 554 

Reviews of Beetlebox Plastic Moving Boxes

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  • RachelSydney Newbie   1 review
    After reading an online article written by Beetlebox founder, checked out the website, and made my decision within 20 minutes of doing my research into other options. In the context of the costs of moving house (removalists, cleaners etc) the price point doesn't warrant much more consideration The stackability meant a smoother move and the delivery and collection of crates made it one less thing to worry about in the overall move. Also - the time limit on the crates means that you have to unpack - no stacks of boxes sitting around! I would recommend beetlebox to friends, family, colleagues.

    2 months ago - 07/05/2014

  • Caroline Hind Newbie   1 review
    I found Beetlebox one Friday evening, after trying to find boxes to hire or buy for an upcoming move. Everything needed to be sorted out in a week for the move, and all I was finding were places that had a thousand rules and required collection at some far away location, during limited hours etc. Beetlebox said they could deliver to me that same weekend, even offering delivery on a Sunday! As an environmentally-minded person, not having to deal with cardboard boxes that have to be thrown out, and reels of packaging tape, and so on, and to be able to use a reusable plastic box that generates no waste, is also a big plus. The boxes are a great size, big enough to hold heaps of stuff, but not so big that you can't carry them. They stack beautifully, and they're strong and give your contents superb protection. We asked our removalists what they thought of them, and they enthused about how easy they were to pack in to the truck, and how much space was saved by them all being the same size and stackable, and not likely to break apart when being carried. The guys are Beetlebox are super friendly, and punctual too. I honestly can't recommend them highly enough, we're so happy we found Beetlebox and will definitely use them again when next we move.

    3 months ago - 05/04/2014

  • nbbomber Newbie   1 review
    Great idea, delivering and picking up boxes that are really easy to stack and move. The environmental aspect just made it better. Unfortunately, during pick up at my new unit, the mover accidentally broke my lamp but the owners immediately investigated and refunded part of my charges to cover the cost. Excellent customer service, would be happy to use again.

    4 months ago - 27/03/2014

  • Ben Adamson Newbie   1 review
    After a quick google looking for additional boxes for moving I stumbled across this website, I had no reservations about the boxes. I have used similar crates in a workplace stock delivery situation and they are fantastic for that, knew exactly what I was getting into. I used a combination of Beetleboxes and cardboard. One advantage was that since I didn't know about the rubbish disposal situation at new place, I could use these and not worry about disposal afterwards. And for similar cost to more cardboard boxes. The dolly worked well to move large and awkward shaped furniture (mattress ensemble, blanket box)

    5 months ago - 25/02/2014

  • norrishj Newbie   1 review
    I'd recommend to anyone as service was quick and product excellent. The fact that there's no need to tape up the boxes made our office move much easier. Your delivery guy is a delight also!

    6 months ago - 29/01/2014

  • BGMike Newbie   1 review
    I liked the idea of plastic boxes, and I wouldn't use cardboard again having used them. Just throw everything into a box from drawers/cupboards, put the cable tie on and you know things won't get damaged or lost.

    To anyone moving - I'd definitely recommend you guys - drop off and pick up really straightforward and the boxes are great.

    6 months ago - 24/01/2014

  • slwhittle Newbie   1 review
    I chose Beetlebox on the basis of a recommendation from two people that I know. They stacking easily and anyone can carry them due to you not being able to overfill them making it too heavy. There is also no taping required and it lessens the risk of injury with awkward lifting.

    I would recommend the service to everyone. The boxes are very easy to pack and the delivery/pick up service is wonderful, especially when you need to pack & unpack quickly.

    7 months ago - 11/12/2013

    • Beetlebox Newbie 
      Hi SW, thanks for the great feedback, and positive review. We're happy to make your move a little bit easier!

      7 months ago - 11/12/2013

  • dnf Newbie   1 review
    Great concept and a great business to work with. Way better than dealing with cardboard boxes, the boxes are sturdy and fit lots of stuff. We also found the company to be very responsive, reliable and prompt, even delivering on a Sunday. All in all a great solution from a great company, will recommend them to anyone I know who is moving.

    7 months ago - 09/12/2013

    • Beetlebox Newbie 
      Hi dnf, Nice meeting you, and thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Enjoy your new home!

      7 months ago - 09/12/2013

  • Peta Kirby Newbie   1 review
    For a recent office move we used bettlebox and will never go back to flat-packed cardboard boxes.
    No time consuming assembly using packing tape, the crates stack empty or full easily and safely, easy to manoeuvre on their dolly trays, crates fit leaver arch and coda files neatly and keep contents protected during the move.
    The best solution that I have found for an office move by far.

    8 months ago - 13/11/2013

    • Beetlebox Newbie 
      Thanks for the review Peta. For a move from one floor to another in the same building, the box and dolly system work really well. Combined with the lifts, employees can really do it themselves! See you for your next move.

      8 months ago - 13/11/2013

  • AnnaBananna Newbie   1 review
    Beetlebox saved me twice. First they delivered boxes on a Sunday with short notice. Then the day they collected the boxes they gave me a lift to the station so I didn't miss my train (and I made it to my important work meeting on time).

    The boxes are much easier to use than cardboard. There's no need for stickytape and they stack nicely.

    8 months ago - 08/11/2013

    • Beetlebox Newbie 
      Glad to hear you made it to your meeting on time ;)
      Happy to help however we can.

      8 months ago - 13/11/2013


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