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Moving House Just Went Green

Beetlebox rents green, plastic, reusable, boxes to people moving house. You'll save money and time, and protect your stuff and the planet. 

--- Why Should You Use Beetlebox? --- 
* save time; with Beetlebox, you choose a delivery time that suits you. Also there is no collecting boxes, no building and breaking them down, and no disposal afterwards 
* save money; using Beetleboxes saves you 40% over cardboard, and we have a lowest price guarantee 
* save the environment; recycling cardboard uses a lot of energy, reusing Beetleboxes IS a better solution! We also donate 1% of revenues to environmental causes. 
* save your stuff and your back; Beetleboxes are sturdy, and they are made to stack easily. They come with a dolly to make moving them a snap! 

* BOOK BY PHONE: 0422 271 554 

--- How Does It Work? --- 
i)WE DELIVER - Beetlebox delivers green reusable plastic boxes quickly and conveniently to your home or office when you need them. 
ii)YOU PACK AND MOVE - fill up the boxes and move to your new location. When you reach the new place, simply empty the boxes and neatly stack them out of the way. 
iii) WE PICK UP - Beetlebox will take away the empty boxes after your move

*FREE DELIVERY within service area! 

* BOOK BY PHONE: 0422 271 554 

-Packages available for Studio, all the way up to 4 Bedroom House, which include: 
bubble wrap 
packing paper 
free delivery 
and of course Beetleboxes! 

--- Beetleboxes vs. Cardboard --- 
Beetleboxes are an eco friendly time-saving, and cost effective moving solution. Cardboard boxes can be recycled, but the process is energy and water intensive, and it produces toxic by products. 

* BOOK BY PHONE: 0422 271 554 
* EMAIL info@beetlebox.com.au
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Reviews of Beetlebox Plastic Moving Boxes

  • I saw a write-up in North Shore Times when Beetlebox launched, had never heard of the concept before and kept the cutting all this time! I compared the prices to one other competitor but Beetlebox was better, and more local. My movers said the boxes were better than ones they have used before, and I noticed they could move things more quickly than cardboard boxes (which meant I would pay less on an hourly charge). I did also notice that the movers didn't always care that much if I had marked a box 'Fragile' - it got treated pretty much the same as all the others - so I had peace of mind knowing that so long as my fragile things were in a Beetlebox they weren't getting squashed.
    Glen was a great guy to deal with - friendly, polite and professional. So - spend a bit more money getting these and save yourself a whole lot of time and hassle during the exhausting experience of moving house.
  • Great concept and service. Boxes were really clean and it was great to have the impetus of their collection to finish the unpacking quickly. Thanks guys!
  • I've moved 4 times with 2 kids in the last 18 months across 3 countries. PAINFUL. The last time we moved, we used Beetlebox. BINGO. So simple. Clean boxes were delivered. I stacked them. Labelled them. Fragile items were safe under interlocked plastic lids. I trollied empty boxes from one cupboard to the next (wheels supplied) and kept celebrating the fact that I didn't have to bend over!!! The guy who delivered the boxes was lovely. A week later the boxes were collected. Beetlebox is an efficient, environmentally friendly business that made my life A WHOLE LOT EASIER!!!!!
  • I was extremely happy with Beetlebox service. Both the delivery and pickup were made on time (on the dot!) and the boxes were absolutely clean and ready to go. The boxes are sturdy and stack up neatly. The dolly was a life saver! The staff was professional, accommodating, and friendly. I highly recommend using these boxes and Beetlebox.

    A packing tip for folks: Don't tie the plastic ties too snugly. Leave some room for the scissors to wedge into the plastic tie loop for cutting the tie for unpacking.

    Thanks Beetlebox for the great service!

  • The professional website made me feel comfortable choosing Beetlebox. The Dolly was great and the boxes stacked really well which preserved space around the already cluttered house. I also didn't have to waste time putting cardboard boxes together and pulling them apart at the end so I'd highly recommended these guys.
  • Glen was friendly and reliable and made sure everything ran smoothly
    I have used similar crates in my last move, but that company dissolved. Beetlebox came up first in my search and I liked their website.The boxes are great because they're stackable and hard wearing. The ability to alter Drop off and pick up times was also a big plus and meant i didn't feel rushed. Would definitely recommend Glen and Beetlebox.
  • I used Beetlebox for the first on the recommedation to "go green" for my lastest move from a couple of friends. After googling a few places, Beetlebox had the best deal. I can't speak more highly of the transaction, to placing and paying for the order, the delivery and pick up. the communication was constant, which is rare these days.
    I used a professional packing and unpacking service and the ladies loved the boxes, it reduced their time by almost a third. While you are in the pack to unpack state the boxes stack so neatly and use little space. I would have no hesitation in recommending Beetlebox to friends and colleauges and will definately use Beetlebox again, fingers crossed, not for a long time.
  • After reading an online article written by Beetlebox founder, checked out the website, and made my decision within 20 minutes of doing my research into other options. In the context of the costs of moving house (removalists, cleaners etc) the price point doesn't warrant much more consideration The stackability meant a smoother move and the delivery and collection of crates made it one less thing to worry about in the overall move. Also - the time limit on the crates means that you have to unpack - no stacks of boxes sitting around! I would recommend beetlebox to friends, family, colleagues.
  • I found Beetlebox one Friday evening, after trying to find boxes to hire or buy for an upcoming move. Everything needed to be sorted out in a week for the move, and all I was finding were places that had a thousand rules and required collection at some far away location, during limited hours etc. Beetlebox said they could deliver to me that same weekend, even offering delivery on a Sunday! As an environmentally-minded person, not having to deal with cardboard boxes that have to be thrown out, and reels of packaging tape, and so on, and to be able to use a reusable plastic box that generates no waste, is also a big plus. The boxes are a great size, big enough to hold heaps of stuff, but not so big that you can't carry them. They stack beautifully, and they're strong and give your contents superb protection. We asked our removalists what they thought of them, and they enthused about how easy they were to pack in to the truck, and how much space was saved by them all being the same size and stackable, and not likely to break apart when being carried. The guys are Beetlebox are super friendly, and punctual too. I honestly can't recommend them highly enough, we're so happy we found Beetlebox and will definitely use them again when next we move.
  • Great idea, delivering and picking up boxes that are really easy to stack and move. The environmental aspect just made it better. Unfortunately, during pick up at my new unit, the mover accidentally broke my lamp but the owners immediately investigated and refunded part of my charges to cover the cost. Excellent customer service, would be happy to use again.
  • After a quick google looking for additional boxes for moving I stumbled across this website, I had no reservations about the boxes. I have used similar crates in a workplace stock delivery situation and they are fantastic for that, knew exactly what I was getting into. I used a combination of Beetleboxes and cardboard. One advantage was that since I didn't know about the rubbish disposal situation at new place, I could use these and not worry about disposal afterwards. And for similar cost to more cardboard boxes. The dolly worked well to move large and awkward shaped furniture (mattress ensemble, blanket box)
  • I'd recommend to anyone as service was quick and product excellent. The fact that there's no need to tape up the boxes made our office move much easier. Your delivery guy is a delight also!
  • I liked the idea of plastic boxes, and I wouldn't use cardboard again having used them. Just throw everything into a box from drawers/cupboards, put the cable tie on and you know things won't get damaged or lost.

    To anyone moving - I'd definitely recommend you guys - drop off and pick up really straightforward and the boxes are great.
  • I chose Beetlebox on the basis of a recommendation from two people that I know. They stacking easily and anyone can carry them due to you not being able to overfill them making it too heavy. There is also no taping required and it lessens the risk of injury with awkward lifting.

    I would recommend the service to everyone. The boxes are very easy to pack and the delivery/pick up service is wonderful, especially when you need to pack & unpack quickly.
    • Hi SW, thanks for the great feedback, and positive review. We're happy to make your move a little bit easier!
  • Great concept and a great business to work with. Way better than dealing with cardboard boxes, the boxes are sturdy and fit lots of stuff. We also found the company to be very responsive, reliable and prompt, even delivering on a Sunday. All in all a great solution from a great company, will recommend them to anyone I know who is moving.
    • Hi dnf, Nice meeting you, and thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Enjoy your new home!
  • For a recent office move we used bettlebox and will never go back to flat-packed cardboard boxes.
    No time consuming assembly using packing tape, the crates stack empty or full easily and safely, easy to manoeuvre on their dolly trays, crates fit leaver arch and coda files neatly and keep contents protected during the move.
    The best solution that I have found for an office move by far.
    • Thanks for the review Peta. For a move from one floor to another in the same building, the box and dolly system work really well. Combined with the lifts, employees can really do it themselves! See you for your next move.
  • Beetlebox saved me twice. First they delivered boxes on a Sunday with short notice. Then the day they collected the boxes they gave me a lift to the station so I didn't miss my train (and I made it to my important work meeting on time).

    The boxes are much easier to use than cardboard. There's no need for stickytape and they stack nicely.
    • Glad to hear you made it to your meeting on time ;)
      Happy to help however we can.
  • I did a lot of research as part of our move and at first had looked to hire cardboard boxes as I didn't realise there was another alternative. After comparing the prices of hiring boxes, I stumbled on these reviews for beetleboxes. I'm glad I did. I hired the 2br package, complete with bubble wrap and paper. When the 50 boxes arrived, I thought we would never use them all up. It's stressful enough with any move but with these boxes, there is one less thing to worry about. We didn't have to bother assembling the boxes and taping them up. We just went through each area and put things into the boxes without too much thought. Then the cable ties held everything in place. I read the tips for packing on the website, which were very helpful. The removalists were pleasantly surprised when they saw the neatly stacked boxes and they were able to wheel them away 4 at a time. We significantly reduced the time required with the removalists (which was a good saving there) and unpacking was fairly easy. A few days later, a pleasant gentleman popped by to collect all the boxes. We didn't have to worry about the mess of recycling all the boxes.
    Would highly recommend. Great company. Great service. And no, they didn't pay me to do this review. I created a profile just to commend all the great suppliers we used for our move.
    • Thanks for taking the time to leave such a detailed review. We're really glad you had such a smooth experience.
  • Beetlebox was the first thing that came up when we did a google search and we thought we'd try it out. We really liked the service so we used it again for our second move a couple of months later, and have recommended it to all our friends. Best things about the service:
    No need to source/ collect boxes
    Major time saving in not having to put together cardboard boxes
    Easy to stack & label boxes
    Easy to move things around using the dolly
    No need to store boxes or find a way to discard them
    We cannot recommend Beetlebox highly enough
    • Thanks so much for being a repeat customer - we know that you had a good experience when you return to use us again! See you for your next move :)
  • I would recommend Beetlebox to everyone that wants to feel good about being environmentally responsible. The only thing I was unsure of was the amount of boxes we need. When I saw the Studio bundle with 25 crates I thought it would be more than enough only to realise that I could have done with another 10! It would be great if we can have access to a sample crate before committing to an order to know exactly how many boxes we need.

    Environmental responsibility is definitely a big plus compared to cardboard boxes. Even though it's slightly premium on the pricing side of things it's great to be able to support a company that's advocating the right thing.

    The fact that they provide delivery and pick-up services at the time we require is also very useful. No need to go looking for recycled boxes, or to buy them only to throw them away.

    The dolly was great at transporting other items outside of the boxes.
    A larger dolly would be great as I used it heaps to carry other items other than the boxes (or maybe I shouldn't have!).
    • Thanks for being a customer, and for going out of your way to leave such a detailed review. hope you enjoy your new home!
  • Great customer service & responsive time to emails. Highly recommend.
  • The boxes were great! They were delivered on time (and I gave very short notice) and I was explained how to use everything and where to stick the labels. Not a single item broke or was damaged in delivery and even the removalists were impressed with how easy the boxes made my move. I would definitely recommend Beetlebox!
  • We used Beetleboxes to move us and our 10 month old. The boxes are sturdy and really protected our fragile goods.
    It is such a great idea. Just wish we'd used them for all our other moves!!
  • Great way to move house, sturdy boxes that require minimal packing but best structure, integrity and ability to be able to be moved & stacked. The removalists loved it too! Glen was attentive with questions and great to deal with. Wishing you continued success, Glen, it is a great service!
  • I would recommend these boxes for moving, no assembly required, tuff and sturdy, stack nicely, then once you've moved they are taken away. Brilliant. Great value. Cheers Glen, Mo
  • Bettleboxes served us well. As a mother of two--including a two year old--I wanted our move to be as quick and painless as possible. I also didn't want a mountain of cardboard at the end of it.

    Beetleboxes are the right size for packing lots of different things quickly and safely. Our things from the kitchen, the toys, the sculptures, the electronic equipment, and all the rest shipped without breakage and without incident. I packed it all quickly and the boxes stacked securely--so I wasn't worried about boxes toppling down on the kids. Plus the boxes can be sealed with the plastic cable ties that Glen provides--so the kids can't easily unpack what has been packed. I was really happy not to fuss around with that packing tape.

    The service was great. Glen is friendly and reliable and offered some handy tips. And of course, the boxes were clean, in good condition, and problem free.

    Thanks for helping make our move easier, Glen!
  • I highly recommend anyone use these guys when moving house. We did our numbers and Beetlebox was very competitive with pricing (compared to using cardboard boxes). The best part was, the containers actually paid for themselves with savings on removalist costs. Beetlebox containers are very strong and versatile and can be moved around easily. Glen was a real pleasure to deal with and we will be recommending Beetlebox to everyone we know. Well done guys!
  • I was recommended to use Beetlebox by a friend & by the removalist as a way to significantly speed up moving day. We ordered the 35 box package, to use in conjunction with some other cardboard boxes we had around. If we had to do it again tomorrow, I'd take 70 boxes and anything that possibly could go in a box would go in a box. The movers could carry and load them so quickly, they had all of the boxes loaded in no time at all. Since they are standard sized, and stack easily in the truck they make facilitate packing & unpacking.
    Ricardo, Bellevue Hill
  • So much better than cardboard boxes! 'Stackability' of the boxes was fantastic and very convenient in our post-move clutter. The prospective collection of the boxes was also great incentive to get unpacking! Glen was very helpful and friendly from the outset, accommodating all our requests promptly. We've already recommended the service to a number of interested friends, and will definitely use Beetlebox again for our next move!
  • I saw beetle box online and ordered for the convenience of free delivery and pick up... Which they did, Glen was really easy, flexible and friendly. The unexpected benefit was the compact stacking of the boxes, I didn't have rooms full of cardboard boxes before and after the move, they stack both full and empty better than cardboard boxes ever will. The boxes come with a "dolly" trolley so you can move them from room to room without getting such a sore back.The boxes are also a great size and far more durable than cardboard boxes. I am a fan and will use them again next time I move!
  • Beetlebox just picked up my boxes after my move. Just wanted to say thanks to Glen,
    Free delivery and pick up, cheaper than carboard boxes and also environtmentally friendly
    Best removal tip I could give would be to use these Beetlebox's they really made the job of moving easier not only for me but the removalists loved it too, once again thank you Beetlebox
  • Convenient, durable, clean, and environmentally friendly! Beetleboxes are awesome! I dreaded moving with an infant, but packing with Beetlebox service was really convenient. The drop off and pick up service was a great help and beats buying and assembling cardboard boxes any day. Beetlebox came highly recommended by my movers. And although I was hesitant at first, I was convinced they were a great choice after speaking to Glen. I was impressed with the friendly service and the cleanliness of the boxes (not to mention the trolley they come with!). This was also a good deal at the end of the day compared to cardboard boxes. I have been recommending to all my friends since our move last October.
  • Excellent service. Handy boxes are sturdy, easy to pack and move and very clean. We enjoyed the fastest, easiest move of our lives with these. Since the boxes are so sturdy we could just place things inside with a minimum of wrapping, drive them (carefully) to our new place and unpack in a jiffy. It was as easy as getting groceries. Glen was courteous and punctual and the service was both eco-friendly and remarkably easy to use.

    Plus, while the boxes cost slightly more than equivalent cardboard boxes, we saved a lot on packaging materials and didn't have to spend much time wrapping or unwrapping the more fragile items since they were secure within the boxes already.
  • Ordering from the website was straightforward, and easy. I just loved the idea of not having to tape up and assemble boxes, then have to pull them all apart and throw them away, which sometimes takes weeks depending on what type of access you have to bins. Also the fact that they're not going straight to landfill. The crates were really sturdy and so easy to stack. Would highly recommend and will be telling anyone I know who is moving..
  • The drop off and pick up was critical for us as we do not own a vehicle (except a motorbike). Also the strength of the boxes meant that there was no concern with stacking heavy items such as books on top of fragile glassware. I would recommend this service to everyone. Having used cardboard boxes in the past this was far easier and much more convenient as the boxes are strong, storage is good as they stack well empty and full and the 2 week pick up also means not having to rush to unpack. To top it all it's environmentally friendly!
  • I decided to use plastic boxes instead of cardboard to protect the environment. The dolly, extra packing materials & free delivery were what made me order from Beetlebox instead of a competitor. I liked the friendly service and flexible delivery/pick up times, and loved the extra packing materials as well! Beetlebox helps the packing process, moving process (my removalists love them), and protects our environment. Highly recommended!

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