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Female driving instructor who will have you passing first go. 

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  • Gregg28 Newbie   1 review
    Tania is an exceptional driving instructor who makes you feel at ease no matter what your level of driving is. Tania had me passing first time and i can guarantee she can make you aswell. Highly recommended, thank you!
  • Christine823 Newbie   1 review
    Tania is a great driving instructor ! I had not had much practice on the busy roads nor able to get much practice on my own so most of my practice was with Tania over a few weeks leading up to the driving test. What was different about Tania compared to past driving instructors was that she was very patient, made me feel comfortable driving and did not waste my time in preparation for the test. So I wish I had found her sooner as I would have passed my Ps so much earlier. I would highly recommend Tania to anyone not just looking to pass their test but also on learning how to be a safe driver :)

    1 month ago - 22/02/2015

  • Chevonne Newbie   1 review
    Tania is honestly the best driving instructor! She is so lovely and taught me all the skills I needed to pass my driving test. She is very patient and was flexible in fitting me in whenever I needed a lesson. I recommended her to friends who also though the was very helpful. Thanks tania for all your help :)

    1 month ago - 11/02/2015

  • Samanth127 Newbie   1 review
    Tania is a great & very patient driving instructor. She not only helped me learn everything I needed in order to be a safe & careful driver, but also helped reassure my mum that I am a safe driver. I wouldn't have been able to pass the test without Tania. It was always a lovely experience driving with her each lesson to learn & adjust to the road. I highly recommend!
  • Kat19 Newbie   1 review
    Tania is truly an amazing driving instructor. I'm a mother of two very young children and knew it was time to stop waiting for buses in the cold and just learn to drive. I've never wanted anything more and this made me extremely nervous.
    Tania not only taught me how to drive but to be comfortable behind the wheel and confident on our busy roads.
    It's because of Tania I have my P's. She gave me the confidence to just go for it and I did. I passed on my first go. Having my licence has changed my life and I owe it all to Tania.
    Thank you again Tania.

    8 months ago - 28/06/2014

  • Crystali Newbie   1 review
    Tania was a very patient driving instructor who helped me to build up both my driving skills, as well as my confidence. She is always calm and friendly, putting her students at ease. Tania works across a wide area, taking me on as a student in the Mortdale area, as well as Wolli Creek after I moved. She knows all the routes for the RTA's in the area- Padstow, Beverley Hills, Botany, Rockdale, Marrickville! She is knowledgable about the road rules, as well as the specifics of the driving test. I felt well prepared going for my P's and I passed first time! :) I couldn't have done it without her guidance! Tania's customer service is excellent and she is much more affordable then the big driving schools! I highly recommend her!
  • Jasmin.H Newbie   1 review
    Tania is such a great driving instructor, she was very helpful all the time and knew exactly what she was doing. I only took a few lessons but still i passed my test on my first go!! this was because she knew all the rules, routes and what the driving instructors from the RTA would want to see from me. I'm very happy to have had her as my teacher and she always had confidence in me and believed in my capabilities. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!

    10 months ago - 01/05/2014

  • Athena k Newbie   1 review
    Tania is an amazing driving instructor, she's very professional, knowledgeable and patient.She made me feel comfortable from my first lesson and gave me the confidence to become a safe driver. I got my P's first go thanks to Tania. I highly recommend Tania to anyone learning how to drive. Thank you so much Tania.
  • KateA88 Newbie   1 review
    After having my Ls for nearly 10 years, I had never had much confidence to drive. I found Tania and after a handful of lesson she gave me the confidence I needed and I passed first go. Thankyou Tania
  • mgracehuang Newbie   1 review
    I am 100% satisfied with the lessons and the support that Tania gave me. I haven't driven in my entire life and yet the first day she thought me how to drive, I managed to join the traffic in a busy street. That's how amazing she is. Her patience in just infinite, you will learn a lot from her and you will surely enjoy every lessons with her. And ofcourse, after few lessons I tried my first driving test and I PASSED!! I am very thankful that I chose her as my instructor. I will most definitely recommend her to anyone who is in need of a driving instructor. She was there for me all the way!! Hey! She's simply excellent!!! The best!
  • Hannah.S Newbie   1 review
    Thank you Tania for your fantastic guidance through my L's practice. Tania is a great driving instructor and i would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a driving instructor. I got my licence first go around because of her, Thank you soo much :)
  • samueljhutcho Newbie   1 review
    Tania was a fantastic driving instructor. After not having driven for a while, and with my Ls about to expire, I took a number of lessons leading up to my test, then used her car on the day. As an instructor she was very friendly, knowledgeable and patient, but best of all supported me greatly in preparing for my test; telling me things to watch out for on the day based off how I was driving in the sessions leading up to the test as well as what the examiners were looking for. With her help I got my Ps. Thanks Tania!!
  • J. D. Newbie   1 review
    I knew Tania from a friend, and was very glad I decided to take lessons from her. Much cheaper than almost all other driving schools in Sydney, and she was extremely helpful, patient and knowledgeable. I was nervous starting, but her very friendly attitude helped me to relax and learn calmly. If I had kids that had to learn how to drive, I would definitely trust Tania to teach them! Not only does she teach you how to pass the test, but she more importantly teaches you how to be a safe driver and to take care on the road. Overall, a very great teacher! I have no complaints!
  • Dylan D Newbie   1 review
    Tania is a fantastic driving instructor and she easily taught me how drive even with the limited time we had available She is very patient and a comfortable person to be around.Not only does she teach us the basics but all of the rules you need to know to pass your driving test. I would definitely recommend her to any of my friends on their learner license.
    Thank you Tania!
  • natasha walters Newbie   1 review
    First of all Tania is such an amazing instructor. She didn't waste my time at all, was always honest, patient and kind. She helped me pass my license and made me feel comfortable driving and most importantly comfortable. As I have a 3 month old Tania was very understanding and made time for me whenever it suited me. I would recommend Tania and the beginners driving school to everyone and anyone as not only did I get my license but I also gained a friend.
  • Gill9 Newbie   1 review
    I tried learning to drive with my family, it was very difficult, destroyed my confidence & I was ready to give up. Tania of Beginners Driving School was recommended to me & I am extremely grateful. She had a gentle & friendly manner putting me at ease immediately. After one lesson I felt my nerves & apprehension dissolving & my confidence returning. Tania is a learned & skilled instructor & she encouraged me through every step of the learning process, teaching me techniques, manoeuvres & rules, ensuring my skill level increased with every lesson. Tania was informative & patient. She ensured I understood how & why. She taught me not just to drive at a level to pass the test but to drive with safety & the confidence to handle any situation I may come across. I passed my test on the first go & I am now driving everywhere. I found Tania to be very professional but at the same time she offers the type of personal instruction & effort you don't always get with a larger operation. Thankyou Tania, keep up the good work.
  • Dalia Yousif Newbie   1 review
    Thank u Tania sooooo much ur good instructors and wonderful! Very patient because ur help me for driving and my life when i stop driving tats from 5 years age i think i`ll never got the license but u supporting me and after 40 days i got from first time thank u so much
  • j_robby88 Newbie   1 review
    Female driving instructor. Really patient and good at explaining concepts. I felt comfortable and well supported. Passed my drivers test the first time :)
  • ashley2013 Newbie   1 review
    Tanya is wonderful! Very patient, friendly and has all the qualities of a great driving instructor. I got my licence the first time round all thanks to her. Thankyou Tanya!
  • AllieT Newbie   1 review
    I was terrified of driving before I even tried and after one lesson with Tania I was feeling comfortable. Over the next few months she taught me everything I needed to know and became a real friend. She honestly cares about her clients and she will help you not only pass your P's, but learn to drive for life, all the while remaining calm and lovely. Which is wwhy I chose Tania to teach me and not my mum. I honestly would not have been able to do it without her. I'm trusting my little sister with her. So I'd recommend her to anyone. She is the best there is.
  • Sofia.kay Newbie   1 review
    I have been with three driving instructors and I can honestly say Tania is one of the best I have come across. She has all the qualities a driving instructor needs such as patience and kindness, which makes you feel confident and comfortable to drive. I got my license first go, and I strongly beleive it was because of her knowledge and expertise in what the RTA is looking for. I would recommend her to anyone!!
  • katemaly Newbie   1 review
    Tania is a very good teacher. She helped me to overcome my anxiety and fear of driving.
    Tania has a very friendly attitude and each time tries to show you more than you would expect. If you are looking for an instructor with whom you would feel comfortable choose Tania. She took personal responsibility for my progress and I can say this is her professional standard.
  • billyvanilli Newbie   1 review
    Tania is a wonderful person and a terrific instructor! I found Tania after having a really bad experience with another instructor, who was rude, crude and unhelpful. Tania was a real breath of fresh air. She was able to restore my confidence in driving, giving me clear and calm instructions. Tania knows her stuff. She actually wants you to pass as soon as you're able and to be a safe and sensible driver when you do. I really couldn't recommend her more highly. I'm a 33year old driver and after waiting so long to get my lisence I was nervous, but Tania made me feel capable and confident. I recently did a road trip outback NSW and drove 2,600km dodging kangaroos and potholes and it was wonderful. I thank Tania for enabling me to attempt it!
  • ttaj Newbie   1 review
    Dear Tania
    I wrote this card before I even knew if I passed or failed.I wanted to thank you so much for helping me get this far and for always being so patient and understanding I honestly couldn't have done it without you.Thank you so much you are a really genuine and wonderful person.
    love, Angelika


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