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Exquisite handmade chocolates, made fresh daily.

To ensure freshness, Belle Fleur chocolates are made daily and all the ingredients used are of the highest quality. 

There are more than 50 different chocolates on display in the shop at any one time, so drop in for a visit - there's something fro everyone.
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Reviews of Belle Fleur Fine Chocolates

  • This is my favourite place for chocolates. Have been coming here for 10 years and always give my mum these. They have amazing window displays all made of chocolate and I believe the chocolatier is Belgium which everyone knows thats where the best chocolate comes from. They aren't cheap but you don't need much, so decadent and not overly sweet love the array. YUM!
  • Just received a box of Belle Fleur Chocolates for my 50th birthday. OMG I'm hooked, I worked for a chocolate place in the North of England "Thortons", I truly thought that were the best of the best in the world but now after spending the day testing my taste buds with these fine chocolates I'M HOOKED:) I live so close to both of these places. When my friends can't me in Sydney, I bet you'll find me here. Ps hubby didn't get any to nice to share.
  • beanboy Local Star 305 reviews
    Make sure you come here. Handmade chocolates and so many too choose from. All the props such as the giant burger are made with chocolate - WOW. The average price is $3.50 a piece and totally worth it. The pear marzipan's were my fav.
  • I think I've been visiting Belle Fleur for a couple of decades. And yes, I'm still slim. Indeed, their chocolates are a great part of a healthy diet. My weight control secret is to have two with dinner with some fruit. The chocs are so fresh and delicious, one simply doesn't feel the need for big desserts. When I give these chocolates as gifts, the recipients always say, "The best chocolates I've had!" I have to agree, and I am always looking out for the ultimate chocolate. As for favourites at the shop? I have many now. For the coffee lover, "cappucino" is divine, and it's hard to go past the pink luciousness of the strawberry one. Also have flavours from native plants, like the wattle and lemon myrtle. Yum!!
  • jojostuff Local Star 405 reviews
    Belle Fleur make some of the best hand-made chocolates in Sydney. They have a huge range of delicate chocolates in all sorts of shapes, colours and flavours. You can buy a boxes with an assortment of chocolates, or you could take the time to select your own chocolates - great for a gift, or simply to indulge!

    They usually have two or three staff in store, and depending on your time of visit, you may have to wait a little to be served while others are choosing their chocolates. However, it's well worth the wait!
    • beanboy Local Star 
      So good, have you tried William Chocolates in Paddo???
    • I have actually, beanboy. Got my hubby a little choccy gift box from them. Good too, but I didn't rate the service.
  • Looking for Sydney's best chocolate? You may have found it in Belle Fleur. Just by stepping in the door and inhaling, I reckon you automatically gain 10 pounds! The air is permeated with the smell of chocolate and sugar. Choose if you can from the vast array of chocolates in the windows or for those too scared to even walk in the door, Belle Fleur change out their window displays regularly to showcase their amazing chocolate sculptures.

    Prices are expensive, but because you can buy by the piece, everyone can afford at least a tasting.
  • ltl 21 reviews
    Incredible displays of chocolate-made sculptures.
    Amazing flavours - possibly the best chocolate I've had in Australia?
  • If you are a chocolate lover, then you can not go past this place. the best chocolates in Sydney. The service and presentation is fantastic.
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