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  • Info only Newbie   2 reviews
    Very disappointed went for a birthday celebration. We waited over an hour for a pizza. which was burnt when it was served. The management should look at reducing the menu to a more manageable list. Just pizza and pasta no mains until they can get more staff.
  • Gregg12345 Newbie   1 review
    I must say, reading some of these reviews have shocked me and my family quite a lot. We are returning customers to this business and will continue to be as the quality of the food is fantastic, like mentioned by others, the atmosphere is cozy and makes you want to stay a while. The food especially is our favourite though, as my very fussy family were a little hesitant in the beginning but we won't regret our decision to try Bellissimo. I have the Veal Scallopini and Prawns Provinciale, two meals which can be hard to master however it is splendid every time. My wife has the Pepper Steak, which she loves and my children have the Canelloni and Penne Crudiola, which have been perfect. The portions are perfect for anyone who goes out to have a decent sized meal and does not expect a meal where they will be able to stuff their face until they feel sick. If you want more, order a main size. Over all, Bellissimo is definatly my favourite restaurant in Greensborough!
  • Rachelc5 Newbie   1 review
    Veeeeeery small portions. Shame I skipped lunch that day (as did a lot of my family) as we ended up spending our dinner complaining about how small and therefore overpriced the meals were. I had the canelloni which was not the best I've ever had. The two sauces had been mixed together to make this awful cheesey red coloured soupy stuff. A few members of my family had veal scallopini which they said was nice but far to small to be a full meal. Dessert was a saviour for our hungry tummies - tiramisu was nice. Overall - needs work.
  • AdrianDi Newbie   1 review
    I had driven past and noticed that the business had changed hands recently so my wife and I decided to give it a go. She had the lamb and I have the fiorentino which was recommended my the waitress. The meals were spectacular, fresh and well presented. The staff were so friendly and it is so great to see an authentic Italian restaurant in Greensborough.
  • Isabella86 Newbie   1 review
    One of the best meals i have had. Fantastic atmosphere and great service. Thank you Bellissimo!
    • rossco1  
      Does seem to be slightly BIASED when you know the management and admitted it on this web site last week


    • Isabella86 Newbie 
      To be honest, i do not personally KNOW the management. Why does it bother you that much that I am a returning customer? Hate seeing a business grow I see?


  • hungryas Newbie   1 review
    The service and meals at this restaurant is terrible.

    The entrees took 45 minutes to arrive of which two were missing. The
    waitress told us that they forgotten to put in the order.
    We had to wait 2 HOURS 10 minutes for our main meal, one chicken
    parmigiana was raw (like jelly and was sent back). The other meals
    were very ordinary. We had to ask the waitress twice before our drinks came.
    We ordered garlic bread and again we had to ask when it was coming.
    It wasn't that the restaurant was crowded, it was just plain awful.
    • Isabella86 Newbie 
      It is a new place! cut it some slack! I know the Chef, he is an experienced professional. Mistakes happen and everyone has a bad night. Slamming a business will not change what had happened on the night. I know for my self through my own experiences at this restaurant and the owners PREVIOUS restaurant's that the food is exquisite and the service is notable. I will definitely be returning to this restaurant which has an amazing, cozy atmosphere, great service and the most amazing food I have ever tasted. I recommend Bellissimo Restaurant for people who have the patience to wait for a freshly cooked meal and for the people who understand true dining at it's finest.


  • doraoborne Newbie   1 review
    If you have a spare 2 hours to wait for a meal from order to serving, this is the restaurant for you. Not only did it take a long time to receive my meal, my friends parmigiana was undercooked & they forget to put core ingredients in the dish eg chicken in a chicken pasta and vodka in a vodka,lemon, lime and bitters.And I couldn't help but notice everyone else around us was unsatisfied too. When complaining to the staff we were not given any apology. Dont waste your time or money.
    • rossco1  
      this restaurant is still just as bad and you still wait 2 hours for your mains which are under cooked



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