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Reviews of Belmont Sunday Market

  • looknow Local Star 757 reviews
    I personally love going to all various markets across different cities, this has to be by far one of my personal favourite outside of Melbourne. Its more of a trash and treasure market, with those travelling as early as 5am to bring in their seconds to sell. If you travel quite early there are quite a fair bit to offer from a lot of these stalls, however I have also found coming late most of the good items may have gone by then, however from another perspective coming late Ive also found that most of these items the stall owner either dont want to bring back home so the prices are literally dropped significantly at times even bundled together for a ridiculous price. There are inside and outside stalls, apart from these seconds there are also fresh fruit and vegetables, new, pre-loved and vintage clothing, confectionary, watch repairs, plant & flowers, phone accessories and much more.

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