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Reviews of Benowa Gardens Shopping Centre

  • A really great little shopping centre for the locals :) most shops have brilliant customer service except for the News agency which has the WORST customer service I've ever experienced.. Always the same staff are too busy talking to serve customers, when you do go in its like you have ruined their day for interrupting. Have had enough of it really am taking my money else where ( when it comes to my lotto ticket lol).
  • Yes, benowa caters for many needs and is convenient to many locals and visitors, however i have recently came across rude shop owners who do not know the principles of customer service. For this i am very disappointed. I would like to say that majority of the shops are customer friendly except the asian/indian food shop next to the health shop within benowa gardens. very disappointing.
  • benowa gardens is just a little local shopping center with a bit of everything!
  • A great little local shopping centre. Has a great coffee shop and a Coles Supermarket which is very handy. There are not enough shops there for me to regularly go there and I prefer to shop at Woolworths so don't go there that often but it is certainly very handy for those living nearby.
  • This place has everything you need bar a post office, quite a good atmosphere of people, knowing that they are locals and the kids don't really come here to loiter that much since they have Pacific Fair and Australia Fair. Has banks, a subway, kfc, a movie rentals shop, seafood, bakery, pharmacist, doctor, pizzeria, etc. A great place to shop as well get all your amenities.

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