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Beppi opened his restaurant in 1956 and has been serving traditional Italian cuisine ever since. So dedicated to sourcing the right ingredients he used to harvest his own oysters from Sydney harbour before he was able to buy them. This restaurant is located in the heart of Sydney's Little Italy and oozes old world charm.

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  • mashlunimi Newbie   2 reviews
    No restaurant in Sydney has this sort of soul & tradition.
    The staff make you feel so welcome . The food has the flavor, generosity and honesty so often missing in Sydney restaurant food today so caught up in the new & fashionable. Don't miss the New Zealand whitebait fritters, braised artichokes, famous mussels or the zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta. Try and get a seat in the cellar room lined with bottles of wine going right back to the 50's.
    Great traditional hospitality & food . No surprise it has lasted so long .

    6 months ago - 08/10/2013

  • Isabel Horseman   3 reviews
    I've always been fascinated by foreign cultures and food, specifically. I love Italian and this is my favorite place to get some. The pasta is amazing and I recommend it highly. If you're in the are, make sure to stop by and try it.
  • Blackey_1   25 reviews
    Perfect Italian food in every way, the gnocchi is a must as is the bruschetta.
    Saltimbocca authentically prepared with sage not basil like some pretenders.
    Food like your nonna's kitchen but with flare.
    Try it once and you'll become a devotee and return year after year.
    Pricey but the total experience at Beppi's makes this completely irrelevant.
  • blackbird76   6 reviews
    The most authentic Italian you will have in Sydney. The wine area is a lovely part of the restaurant to eat and the place is always busy.
  • mashlunimi Newbie   2 reviews
    Went here after many recommendations for friends and had a great time. Really felt liked the staff cared which is a nice change from most restaurants in Sydney. Atmosphere is cosy and warm the food is great Italian cuisine with lots of flavour just like being in Italy. A real must go place
  • MLCBeaches Local Star   32 reviews
    Beppi's - aahhh, it is just as I remembered it. Went their just before Christmas and I was back home. Beautiful minestrone, fabulous pasta, great meatballs, the freshest bread and tastiest tapenade. Beppis is where Italians go to heaven. Shook Beppi's hand for merry Christmas - I will be back. It doesn't get any better than this.
  • barolo Newbie   1 review
    Not sure what the last guy is talking about.
    Went to Beppi's last week after not having been for years and it was just as I remembered. Great rustic Italian with a back area lined with bottles of old vintage wines. Old Italian waiters who treated us like they were our uncles. Understated with that lovely warm welcoming nature.
    The food you find is hard to get anywhere else. Very Italian not that modern pseudo Italian stuff you see around. I had the angelhair pasta with crab meat & saffron sauce which was fantastic. My wife had the zuccine flowers stuffed with ricotta & sun dried tomatoes which she loved. We shared a plate of simply grilled scampi and another plate of white bait which were both fantastic.
    Go there for a hit of good honest food full of flavour and to be spoilt by your " Italian Zio " . Service without attitude what a relief!!!!
    • Blackey_1  
      " Not sure what the last guy is talking about."
      My thoughts exactly !


  • monabs Newbie   1 review
    What an awful experience- I wont be going here again. While the food was absolutely delicious and the ambiance was charming, the service nowhere near warranted the $150pp price tag. 2 of us went for a romantic dinner on a cold Thursday evening and it was busy but not full. We were made to feel like the waiter couldnt get the food down our throats and get us out the door quick enough. The waiter pushed bruschetta onto us before we had even sat down and when the bill came we noticed that we actually received 2 serves (6 pieces) even though there were only 2 of us and clearly didnt need that much. After sending the management an email describing our experience, we got a half assed attempt at an apology.. Not good enough.
  • Lucrece Foodie   731 reviews
    The food here is tasty, but very expensive, over $30 for a pasta meal. There are many other restaurants in the area serving Italian food that is cheaper and you receive more food. The wine is nice, and the waiters are willing to make suggestions about what will suit your meal. I would only recommend this restaurant if you are celebrating a special occasion.
  • blanche_l   22 reviews
    Old school Italian, a Sydney institution. The angel hair pasta was superb.
    • Blackey_1  
      My thoughts exactly, years of authetic Italian food most others need to learn from.



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