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Werribee, VIC
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Reviews of Bertone Plumbing

  • OMG, used them twice before, v happy but this time I really wondered. Last time was a bit excie too but paid cash and thought good deal, this time however, was for a bath, and paid a LOT of cash for this job. I was not given full advice so was left with the framework which i have to pay extra for to fill in and complete, ie waterproofing etc, but the worst thing is they left the shrinkwrap on the bath and it is almost impossible to get it off where the bath is next to two walls, how am i meant to silicone? Poor work guys, especially considering I paid over $1000 in cash and you had, before then, ordered the wrong bath anyway, so the wrong one arrived, even though had'd had emails and messages showing the pic of the one I'd organised. I'm pretty disappointed and won't use again. $1400 to change a bath with all I have to go thru on top of it? Nup.
    • As an addenda to the above I was emailed to request removal of this and other reviews, saying that they had supplied me with names of people who would assist in replacing the shower glass that we left, and that my comments were incorrect. I want to stipulate that ONE name was given to me, a gentleman to replace the shower glass because, to quote, verbally, they were
      too busy to do that", and until the day of removal of the old bath, i had never been told a thing about needing to re-waterproof things, or that the area surrounding the bath would not be replaced, etc. I have referred others to these people, we have all paid cash for their services, and quite substantial amounts at that. This time it was just too much for too little. Poor job. Third time unlucky.
  • the best in the business. I was quoted $6K for the work I needed by someone i trusted in this area, only to find i'd been rorted by $4k! I got other quotes but because the guy next door knew Frank and the boys, I went with them, just so nice, like brothers I don't have, and I am so appreciative of their help. Thanks guys, really good, will use in future.
    • Second time also good, new sink. Third time not so good. LOTs of money for a new bath, just a changeover, with stuff left for me to do that I hadn't been made aware of, ie. plastering, waterproof membrane and repainting/fixing. I wish they were more specific. Very expensive for the last job and a little extra for me to finish up the job.
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