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Reviews of Betta Wardrobes & Shower Screens

  • Sales rep was encouraging, but when we came to showroom, we just saw horrible design, first 15 minutes no one around, so no point of having BELL.
    Beside flimsy drawers, some outdated doors on display we're dead cockroaches!
    When I couldn't resist to comment, I was abused and politely forced to leave so called showroom!
    So I consider myself lucky to see the showroom on time and avoid probably disastrous experience.
  • Betta Wardrobes Poor Customer Service.
    Please do not use this company spare yourself the headache. Over the last week I had really atrocious customer service from Betta Wardrobes in Sydney. I had a job with 3 rooms for new built-ins and the initial quote was to remove only one rooms existing wardrobe. After receiving further quotes (which were genuinely cheaper one quote by $1000 less!), I had renegotiated with the rep to have all rooms existing wardrobes removed and a nominal reduction in price. Thinking they were better than others in service and quality I agreed to proceed. The paperwork however was not updated. Despite following up when the scheduling was done for the agreed scope of work, the scope was not changed. On the morning the workman came, I was rudely asked Were you too lazy to remove the other two rooms existing robes? To which I replied that I didnt have time and had renegotiated to have them removed. I was cheekily told that they also dont have time and that the paperwork is not there to prove it and that the two rooms will not be done! I was furious and called the rep. He explained that they briefed the workman only 10mins before they arrived that they would probably need to remove existing wardrobes in all 3 rooms. There are two big problems Betta needs to address: 1. The Rep needs a big wakeup call to ensure that the communication and paperwork is updated when they renegotiated. 2. The workmen needs a lesson in communicating with customers as his customer etiquette is horrendous. Im appalled at the way I was treated. I will never -ever use Betta again and in all sincerity will not recommend them to anyone else!
    Betta Wardrobes train your people on customer service or else risk losing customers!
  • Absolutely appalling customer service!!!

    Had wardrobes installed - within twelve months door handles/mirrors were falling off.
    Rang three times to arrange someone to come and fix it (as per warranty) - response was always "the staff who does this isn't in at the moment - the staff will call you tomorrow"
    Never happened. Do yourself a favour and use a company who actually values their customers - their loss as I certainly won't be using them for extensive renovations happening soon.
  • We've had some terrible service from contractors over the past 6 months but this takes it to a whole new level. Major defects with installation, 5 visits later and still 3 of the major issues unresolved. Now not returning calls and we've had to pay hundreds of dollars more for other contractors to start to fix their errors. Look out!
  • Thinking that I was going to a reputable company I could not have been more wrong! Would never in a million years recommend this company. After signing a contract for 2 shower screens it all went down hill from there! Communication doesn't exist or when it does there is such attitude. They would not know customer service if it hit them in the face. After accepting the quote there was not an ounce of communication for the next steps. Never was I told about a "re-measure" nor about removing shower screens at this point in time to be without anything for 6 weeks! They have no understanding of the real world and that some of us work and cannot sit at home all day waiting for a phone call on the morning of installation to be given your time slot, let alone the "humph" when you say it needs to be a Saturday. Following my quote and being advised that final installation would take 1.5 hours..... try 4 hours later!! A totally unsatisfactory experience and would NEVER recommend them, in fact I have spread the word not to touch them!
  • We were delighted and thrilled with our new built-ins and bookshelves/cabinet - they have transformed our flat into a palace!
    The installers, Mohammed, Geoff and another lovely young fellow were all respectful and lovely to deal with. We're very happy customers.
  • Excellent service from Betta. Good value and great design advice with the job getting done in one day - on time and properly cleaned up! Thanks to the installer from the Cook Islands who did an expert job on our new wardobes, which fit perfectly and I think will last for a long time
  • Good quality re work done and materials used for our walkin wardrobe installation. The design works well with a pratical combination of shelving, drawers and hanging space, which the designer thought up. The installer was quick, efficient and knew what he was doing on a job that wasn't straightforward - would use again and recommend.
  • Great with the Sales but extremely poor with the followup. Won't return call. Won't come and inspect work done. Would not recommend.
  • Betta installed two sets of wardrobes in our bedrooms recently, and we're very happy with the result. The designer was really helpful, and gave us a lot of good ideas re the placement of interior fittings plus the installer did good work leaving no mess at all. We've got two great wardrobes now, and would recommend this company based on our positive experience.
  • Poor quality installation of semi frameless shower screen. Border with tile wall did not have mitre joints. Instead they were just crudely cut aluminium strips. It was if a 12 year old did the work. In response to our complaint they returned and indicated that they would not fix as it would require taking apart entire screen and re-installing. Very disappointing. I am still trying to get fixed. Will never use again, and am advising all I know of poor quality and not to use them.
  • Our new shower screen was installed by a chap from the Cook Islands who did a great job. He was very patient and especially helpful with some last minute modifications. And, he was on time - a credit to Betta!
  • I had a wardrobe installed on 25th August and would like to say that Matt helped hugely with the decision making process and was also extremely patient and professional. The installer was absolutely wonderful as well. Highly recommended.
  • We went to this Betta store because they are local, and we were very happy with both the service and the product. The installer put in sets of built-in wardrobes in the main bedroom and in the kids' bedrooms, so it was a big job. He was friendly, cleaned up after himself and did good work. All of the wardrobes look great, and we're pleased with the resulting neat work using high grade materials.
  • Steer well clear. Was recommended a certain shower screen by their salesstaff. Took their advice. Installer was rude, arrogant, didn't even clear up after and didn't make a good job of it. Big gap between the shower door and the frame underneath so water everywhere once we'd showered. Got the same rude/arrogant installer back to fix it. All they could do was blame us for choosing the wrong shower screen and also for us not knowing how to shower properly. Did email them to complain but still no reply. Maybe they're too busy giving out advice on how to shower properly whilst using their bad products?
  • Based on our experience I would not recommend buying from this company. We ordered a shower screen, however, during installation it appears that the installer broke the toothbrush holder, which is in a tile. We contacted Betta and they asked us to send a photo by email, which we did, but no response. We made a number of phone calls and visited the store, however, the management would not return calls. Quite amazing really as before installation it was not broken and after installation it was. We have been renovating for the past 2 months and have had electricians, tilers, plumbers, joiners, painters, floor polishers and I would 100% recommend every one of them. At least I know that for the next stage of the renovation we will not be buying the new cupboards, wardrobes and bathroom fittings from Betta which we had originally planned.
  • Betta did a great job on our glass splashback from the beginning stages of booking the job, then the free measuring and quoting to the installation. On the designers advice we also had a very cool under bench (island) glass faade installed in the same colour. The whole kitchen now looks freshly renovated with only these two areas having been worked on! Were very happy with our new kitchen and very much recommend this company.
  • I dealt with the Taren Point store, and found the sales staff friendly and helpful. Plus, the pricing for my wall of built-in wardrobes was very competitive compared to other similar companies. The installer handled the minor hiccups professionally and the end result looks fantastic - Id definitely use this company again.
  • We have just had some excellent work done by Betta. Mario came out to install a sliding door type shower screen at our home. It was a very tricky job, and he made every effort to fit the door perfectly. He had to grind the door back and make the appropriate adjustments to get it to fit exactly the way we wanted, and he expertly did so. We couldnt be happier with our fantastic new shower screen.
  • We recently had Betta out to install some cupboards under our staircase to create more storage by enclosing that area. A couple of years ago we had a pretty shonky job done in that area by another storage solution company, and were holding our breath. But, this experience was totally different - the guy who arrived to do the measuring and advise us on which type of door to use was very helpful, and pointed us in the right direction of hinged raked doors instead of our earlier idea of just shelving with a couple of plain doors. The installation went as planned and we have a fantastic result with a neat, glossy finish on the doors and a tardis storage area behind them! The whole operation went smoothly and the structure is much more solid than the other job. My husband and I both recommend this company for fast, professional work dont get a chance to say that very often these days. . . .
  • Thank you Betta for an excellent result with my new kitchen cupboards. The day after my first call, I had the guy out measuring up and quoting, and the turnaround time was fast too. The installation went without a hitch and the guy who did it was very courteous, which is important when people are doing work in your home. The cupboards fit really well, and the design is super practical plus the materials seem durable and pretty kid-proof.
  • I had a good experience with this company. A walk in wardrobe was what I needed for my new flat, and I didnt have much of an idea of how to go about it. But, the designer Betta sent was spectacular giving me heaps of great ideas and helping maximize the small space to create the huge wardrobe I needed. The installer had to change the time once, but I was given plenty of notice, and the person in the office was very apologetic. When he came, he was quick and really knew his stuff, so put everything in place in only half a day. Recommended polite , efficient and they know what they are doing.
  • We found Betta to be professional, efficient and well-organised. Two weeks ago we had a glass splashback put up in our newly renovated kitchen, and we were very concerned about damage being done to the new paintwork and other shiny surfaces. But, both the designer who came to measure up and quote, and the installer were super careful and didnt do stupid things like tradies have done before like leaving scratches on surfaces from putting their tools on them. The colour of our splashback is perfect and the cuts were in all the right places, so the installation was a breeze. The end product looks great, and were very happy!
  • I had Norm from Betta come and install a set of built-in wardrobes in both bedrooms last week, and I can't speak highly enough of him. The work he did was actually much better than that done by a previous Betta installer years ago. The fit is perfect, and he took a lot of extra time to get the detailing right, as it was not a straightforward job - I was very relieved that he had the technical knowhow to get around the problems that came up. I'm very happy and think he did a fabulous job.
  • I have had really appalling customer service from Betta Wardrobe - definately not recommending them. They didn't tell me I would need a carpenter to finalise the job downstairs, and upstairs needs an extra hinge. It's like pulling teeth trying to get them to come back and repair it - the head office people are very rude. Avoid Betta Wardrobes at all costs.
  • It was really hard to choose which company to use for our shower screen replacement, as there are just so many out there! I went to a Betta shop near where I live and looked at what was available. Then I found one down south, Taren Point, which was much closer to the house needing the work - the office there was efficient and professional from the getgo. The installer did a superb job making no mess at all and working willingly and quietly. The shower screen looks amazing, and we're very happy with the job done!
  • Betta came and measured up for two sets of inbuilt wardrobes, and the guy was friendly and efficient. He took the time to get everything right, and the office then sent us out a reasonable quote. The guys who came for the installation were really good too, and we ended up with beautiful, functional wardrobes. A good quality product with careful installation and assembly. The whole experience of dealing with this company was easy. Any problems were sorted out by them el pronto. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again for the kitchen cupboards that are next up on the to do list.
  • Earlier this year we had a shower screen replacement done by the Betta people at Taren Point. The job was not easy, as it's an old 40s unit with all original tiling in the bathroom. My wife was scared stiff about damage to the bathroom, but the tradie who came couldn't have taken more care. He did the work quickly and seemed to know what he was doing - the result is great with good attention to detail. The office called us after to see if we were happy with the job. That's as good as it gets in Sydney!
  • Betta Wardrobes came to quote for our walk-in wardrobe, and then sent Gaston to install it. He is one of the most polite and willing tradespeople I have ever had in my home. The wardrobe also looks fantastic - the design suits the space perfectly, and the materials are of a high standard.
  • I booked Betta Wardrobes to come install some very complicated builtins in two flats we own near their Taren Point showroom after lots of looking around at other storage solutions.
    The flats are both odd shapes, and I expected headaches. But, Con came and did a great job with the design, accurately measuring and planning around tricky angles. Nathan then followed up with careful installation, and when problems did happen managed to get everything right without too much trouble.
    Each visit was when it was planned to be, and if they were held up because of traffic, there was always a courtesy call. Highly recommended.

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