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  • We have had nothing but dramas with getting a pool with better pools and spas. Excuse after excuse and never did they contact us to inform us what was happening. We waited months for the pool to be completed once the concrete was poured and Rick the owner was uncontactable once we signed the contract. I would never use this company again. So anyone who is looking to put a pool in, beware of better pools and spas.
  • I had no end of trouble contacting Rick (the Owner) of Better Pools and Spas, once I go through to Rick he would tell me they will start next week and no one shows up, then Rick wouldn't take my calls, his message bank is full most of the time (probably with complaints) so you cant leave a message either. You ring the office and the ladies give you the run around it appears they rotate 3 ladies which adds to misinformation and confusion. Finally, Rick or the office gets poor old Brek (their Site Supervisor) to call, he says they will start the job next week and no one shows up again - no courtesy call nothing. Better Pools and Spas is not a company I would not recommend to anyone.
    • Good morning BAM73,
      Could you kindly contact myself as I am the General Manager at Better Pools and Spas, I would be more than happy to discuss your job status with you. Please note that if you cannot reach your supervisor Brek for an update, then all calls are to go through to the office as Rick does not handle this department of customer liaison.
      Thank you, Louise
  • If you only read one review about Better Pools and Spas let it be this one.

    I posted this same post on the 16th December 2014 but they deleted it because everything in the post is true. Keep deleting it Better Pools because I will keep posting it.

    We signed a contract 7 months ago with is company after the salesperson talked the company up staying that all the work was done by their employees and they only sub contracted out the internal finishes of the pool. The truth is there has not been one of their employees on site except for the site manager, he has spent a total of one hour on site in 7 months. The office staff have no customer service skills and they have told us, like many other of their clients the pool is delayed because of numerous rain day. Anyone living in Sydney knows that we have had minimal rain in Sydney. This along with constant excuses,lies and broken promises is not what anyone should expect when they spend in excess of 50k for a moderate size pool. Please anyone thinking of commissioning or signing up for a pool with this company think again it is not worth it, go elsewhere and save your sanity
    • Hi Matt,
      Thank you for your review.
      Better Pools and Spas have not removed a review as I do not believe we have the power to do so. Customer feedback is certainly important to us however please excuse me for not knowing who you are as we do not have a client "Matt Riggs" that we are building a swimming pool. Perhaps if you are using an alias you could kindly phone the office to let us know who you are. There would not be a site that has not been worked on in 7 months; this is not possible. Are you sure you have the correct company name? Please contact the office as we would certainly like to hear from you if you are our customer.
      Kind Regards.
    • I had my comment removed due to a complaint but it eventually came back up. The funny thing is they sent someone out the next day After the initial comment and when it came back up.They fixed the leaks The pebble finish is still stuffed I was told early next year it is now the 7th . So someone in the company must be reading online reviews . I would encourage anyone else having trouble with better pools and spas to leave a review . As calling the office only ever lead to misinformation and frustration. And the owners mobile number on the contract has always gone to message bank .
  • We were told 8 weeks to completion of the pool and it took them 16 weeks tried blaming it on the rain .Was repeatedly told by a staff in the office who denies anything they don't send via email. .Tried contacting the management several times still waiting on a call back.
    It is leaking water at the filters and heat pump They still haven't been back to fix.
    The finish on the pebble has rust stains from a bad batch with iron in it.
    • I think your experience is consistent with mine. I would never ever recommend Better Pools and Spas to anyone. I came across them at the Expo at Rosehill I wish I had never meet them.
  • Like MichBrown89, I'm very shocked from the first review! I have found Better Pools and Spas to be a fantastic company to deal with. From the very beginning, the girls in the office kept me informed from approvals to handover. Any questions I had to ask, they were always happy to answer them for me no matter how many times I would call them. They were honest and gave great advice. Whenever dealing with a family owned and operated company, the level of service and quality is always top notch that's why I signed up with them in the first place. I have recommended Rick and the Better Pools and Spas team to all my friends and family and I will definitely use them for my next pool.
  • I was very shocked when I read the below review as we have just had completion of our pool...just 9 weeks after excavation began! I have built houses and pools previously and i can only hope that if I do it again it would be as easy as this. From the girls in the office always ready to answer any questions to the guys that came out on site; they were all fantastic! The finish of the pool is meticulous and we are so pleased with the result. The kids wont get out even in this less than impressive weather over the last few days. I would recommend Better Pools and Spas to anyone i know without question.