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Mosman, NSW

"Pain is Temporary but Failure lasts a lifetime"

BFit is here to help change the fitness industry for the better. Show people how to train, eat and live a healthy productive lifestyle. To many lies, mediocre personal trainers, false leading gimmicks and supplements out there. Bfit is here to set the record straight.

Bfit is about working with people towards a healthy and educated lifestyle. I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years and working as a personal trainer for 7 of them. Now with my knowledge people can follow the proper path in regards to their health and fitness goals. Without wasting their time and money following the wrong paths in regards to getting real long lasting results.

Bfit is about the people and not about me or some greedy corporate gym or some misleading supplement company. 

NEVER SETTLE FOR A SECOND RATE TRAINER. It will only lead you to second rate results.
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Reviews of BFit Personal Trainer

  • Bruno helped me lose 43lbs! I six months! He thought me the missing links in the way I eat! Bruno also changed my workout to a more efficient program for what I needed. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was very demanding Bruno knew how to balance out the weightlifting just right to optimize efficiency for both aspects of training! My training was more enjoyable overall and Bruno won a gold medal the first time he competed in a bjj tournament! With a truly athletic state of being he achieved it his dedication and work ethic! I miss training with him I live in Vancouver BC! Your lucky to have him in Australia so take advantage if his time and knowledge! Thank you Bruno!
  • Bfit is Mosmans best trainer I'll guarantee that ;))
  • Bfit is by far the best boot camp and one on one personal trainer his not one to say run around the park 10 times and just sit and look at u he is hard working and trainees with the client to there needs so bfit all the way
  • The best personal training in the area! First class training and trainer. Best money I have spent.
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