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Reviews of Big Brand Outlet

  • After reading other reviews I was weary of going to the store but knew you could get a good deal here. I went to the store today and have to say the lady who served me was very friendly and very helpful and the guy who loaded up my car was also very nice. I also got a great bargain. Please dont be put off by the negative reviews. From a very happy customer.
  • Visited the Big Brand Outlet Aspley over the weekend and was terribly disappointed. Struggle to understand why the prices for furniture are more expensive than Freedom prices? How could this be? I thought it was an outlet - where you get reduced furniture - whether that be returns, previous floor stock, minor imperfections etc?! To top it off, the staff were terribly rude and lack in customer service. I overheard one staff member speaking to a customer badly and speaking over the customer. Never again will I go there for furniture.
  • So disappointed with this business , bought a lounge paid for delivery and in transit it was damaged .. Rang the store NO help or concern , staff rude and told to take them to fair trading !!! What a a way to display a business ... I wouldn't recommend them
  • I didn't have anything nice to say about the customer serivce today that I got give at Aspley BBO... I went in there to purchase.. A desk and a computer chair and other little accessories ... Which was good found everything I was looking for! Went to the staff at the counter and said I'll like to get the desk and chair and all this (stuff in the basket) staff was looking for the desk on the computer.. And the chair...! Yup the price for the chair was coming up wrong.. I asked staff to check it... Staff went over and the sign was gone! A customer was walking about the store with it.... Staff went over and asked for the sign.. It said the price that I said! Then that customer said... Oh I'm purchasing the desk and chair..(only one left is the one on display) keep in mind I was there first to buy the whole... Set and the other goods! The sales staff turns around to me and says "oh looking at that.. She's already purchased it" well for your information... Sales staff how can she purchasing something without buying for it?!?!? And I was at the counter before she was to purchases the goods??? I asked the sales staff I was here first to purchase it staff just said "oh well..." (And walks way) then I didn't buy anything from the store today or ever.. I have been a customer for years with BBO.. I will be taking this matter further, to let my story be known! BBO today you treated me like s**t... And my story will not stop here I will be telling my story to all... And end of the day if one customer has a bad experience she/he will be telling friends and family... About it!
  • I have bought a leather lounge and a TV Unit from this store, the latter just this week, the service and the quality are outstanding for the price, it is up to you to make sure you choose a piece with minimal damage, I have been there quite a few times and have never seen anything second hand..........
  • I have never before dealt with a company as unprofessional and disappointing as BFO. We purchased a queen bed & mattress that was to be delivered on the nominated day. On this day my partner called the store to obtain a estimated delivery time. As both my partner and I work full time, BFO said we would receive a phone call 30 minutes prior to delivery. They did make a call which my partner missed, no message was left and delivery was attempted all WITHIN this 30 minute period. My partner called the driver and the store within 20 minutes of missing their call, to be told delivery was attempted and would not be re-delivered for another two days. My partner offered to pay another delivery fee as we needed this bed for guests that were due to stay. This offer was also declined. I then contacted the store to see what arrangements could be made for same day delivery and was spoken to appallingly in a degrading, standover manner. I was addressed as 'darling' by the stores manager whos demeanour and attitude resembled that of a slimmy used car salesman. When i said that delivery for two days later may not suit as no one would be home and we may need a refund, i was told in no uncertain terms that they "dont do" refunds. So we purchased a product, paid in full, havent received the product due to BFO not making a call 30 minutes prior or giving an estimated delivery time, and are therefore not entitled to a refund?? I will never step foot in a BFO store again and would not reccommend this unreliable, substanded store and customer service to anyone. Do yourself a favour, pay the extra and shop elsewhere!
  • In January 2012 we bought a white leather lounge suite for a good deal $1999, however we have since found out that it is bonded leather and have numerous cracks throughout and peeling. Not a happy customer at all. We will be advising all our friends not to go there as we were told it was 100% real leather!!!
  • What a fantastic store, the staff were polite, friendly and helpful. We bought a 2.5 and 2 seater sofa set that was an ex freedom display, was also on special at the time. It was delivered on time and the driver was helpful and pleasant. After unpacking, yes they wrapped it in plastic, we noticed some structural damage to the lounge, we called the store and they asked if we could send photos to show what was wrong...4 days later a sofa repairman was on our doorstop and fixed the item, no charge. We will happily go back and shop there again and will highly recommend this store also. Word of advice to the whingers...call them...be civil..and you'll get it sorted out!!
  • Fantastic store! After a strong recommendation from a friend, I visited this store and was so overwhelmed with the variety of furniture and homewares and the low prices! If you are looking for a true full leather lounge - go here! You'll be blown away by the prices. The homewares were good. Staff were very pleasant and helpfull. I managed to buy a Freedom table with over $700 off what Freedom stores would sell it for due to small chip (in the leg) and a small surface scratch! Love it! I recommend this store to anybody
  • Do not purchase from this store! Purchased a leather lounge which I was told was a display lounge for a discount. It looked in a great state for the price in the store and for the first couple of days. Within less than a week it looked old and worn which I was surprised by. On inspection I found a remote control down the back between the cushions.. Absolutely surprised by this I continued to search down the back of the seat cushions . The amount of rubbish I found would fill a small shopping bag.. the rubbish was not pleasant.. iceblock sticks, ear buds etc.. This was definitely not a display lounge only.. It had been well used for a long period of time in someone's home.. And looked that way also .. I could have picked up a couch on the side of the road on throw out day for free that would have been the same.. I am not sure what product they used to make it look new before I purchased it.. But it is a disgrace. I rang the store and spoke to them only to be told it is new management and there is no warranty on anything purchased there.. Avoid this store at all costs!
    • Well It Is A Clearance Centre , Not A Brand New Furniture Store & With The Prices So Low , One Would Think So . They Have No Choice As To What Stock They Put In Their Showroom , The Qld Opperations Manager Has That Call , Don't Judge A Clearance Centre For Not Having Control On What They Display !

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