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Discover the Music in You!

Australia's largest fully-integrated Musical Instrument Retail Store, Music School, Recording Studio, Band Rehearsal and Function facilities.

We stock a huge range of leading brand acoustic guitars, electric guitars, keyboards, digital pianos, electronic and acoustic drums, studio recording and pro audio equipment.  

We also offer guitar lessons, piano lesson, singing lessons, drum lessons for adults and kids as well as School Holiday Camps and a variety of rock performance programs.   

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  • Christian 81 Newbie   1 review
    Went into the shop to try/buy a $1000 amp. There was one other customer apart from myself and four staff on. Took ten minutes to get any service and staff walked by trying not to make eye contact. Finally got attention but was passed onto someone else as the renervations taking place were way more important. Ten mins later I get speaking To someone and they tell me the amp I wanted was not in stock, even though on the website its said in stock. I asked to order it and they said I'd have to pay a deposit even though it should haven been on the shop floor. I said I wanted to try it before I buy it... so I wasn't willing to lose my deposit if I change my mind, as they said i have to buy another amp from THAT store..or I'll lose my money. The reason I went to the shop in the first places was because they said they had it. Then the staff member started making me try other amps I didn't want just to try make a sale.. After I said I'll find it in another sydney store. Finally I had enough and walked out.
    Unhelpful staff who only care about going to lunch and trying to make a quick dollar without showing any care for the customer or what they what.
    Very unprofessional.

    2 months ago - 02/02/2015

    • BigMusic Newbie 
      Hi Christian I'm Richard the Director of Big Music. Thanks for your feedback although I was very disappointed to read your review. I am very sorry your experience was so poor and have already spoken to the team about it. Yes we are undertaking some renovations in the shop today, but that is no excuse for our staff not to provide good customer service. It also appears you were given some incorrect advice, in that deposits are always fully refundable. If you are willing to come back in and ask for me, I will look after your personally and ensure you get the very best deal and hopefully end up with an awesome new amp!

      2 months ago - 02/02/2015

    • Christian 81 Newbie 
      Hi Richard.

      Thanks for your reply on TrueLocal.
      I never do reviews on anything but felt I had to on this occasion. I did eventually get help from one man, but I had told him what I wanted, still he tried to sell me other amps I didn't want.. Then I asked for it to be ordered in, but told I had to put deposit down to try it out and could buy another amp from the store with that. I wasn't told at any stage the money was refundable.

      I am after the Vox Valvetronix VT-120+ Guitar Amp Combo

      Is this also the best price you can do?



      2 months ago - 03/02/2015

    • BigMusic Newbie 
      Hi Christian, I've ordered in your Vox Valvetronix VT-120+ and hopefully it will be here by the end of the week. I will let you know when it arrives so you can come in and try it (if you wish). Our online price is $679 (RRP $869) - have you seen a better price? Either way, I'd rather chat offline about price, but rest assured I will look after you. Regards, Richard
      p.s. if you could email me at so I have your contact details that would be great.

      2 months ago - 04/02/2015

  • paulwool Newbie   1 review
    I saved up for six months to buy an amplifier they had been advertising, and bought it online,then was told I couldn't have it and they canceled the sale saying they advertised the wrong it had been on there web site for six months and they didn't know the price was wrong.come on.
  • William Pullings   6 reviews
    Bit of the good and bad, I love my music and asked for lessons which turned out to be an average experience. The teacher was okay, and the staff support was average at best. The store is pretty nice to look around in.
  • catscratch Newbie   1 review
    My rating would have been perfect if their communication was a bit more proactive (i.e. I had to contact them re: ETA). Having said that their price was very good and when they actually got it from the supplier (Fender) the free delivery was very fast. Recommended.
  • pariscoty   2 reviews
    I bought online an amp and then an ukulele.. they are great, everything was perfect. I live in Cairns and I didn't have problem with my items. Just when I bought the ukulele they didn't have more stock, but they asked for more and took 3 days to Cairns.
  • doberman   5 reviews
    Only good thing about here is 'location'. They are always charging higher than others but I thought that would be fine instead of going another suburb buy from the closer one. I asked them a good beginner bass guitar and they sold me a Epiphone starter pack. Even if I was a beginner when I tried the guitar I realized it was awful.
    I turned the guitar back and this time I changed it with a Yamaha RBX 170(I searched it by myself thanks to forums) but after 3 days I found out a dig on my guitar, it's damaged. Anyways my guitar sound well but I paid a new guitar price for a damaged one.
    Second time again I told myself they are pretty close so do not need to go for another place how stupid I am? I bought a classic guitar(Yamaha C40) for my wife as a present and although I told the staff about my other experience with big music they sold me a guitar with lots of scratches on its fretboard. I am 100% sure it was second hand . I got it when I turned back and changed it with a new one (I told the staff to open the box in front of me), it was really smelling new and the sound was absolutely better and there were no scratches on it.
    Although they charge for Yamaha C40 180$ on their website they told me the price is 200$ when I asked the staff.
    Lastly just go and try anywhere else...
  • RobNM   3 reviews
    Just an average music store, usual things. Seemed to have a reasonable range, but the staff was actually very pushy. I went in with my son, and they kept telling my son about joining a rock band there. Probably ok if that's what you are interested in. Basically the same kind of thing as any of the other big shops.

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