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  • TheMiddleIngredient Local Star   770 reviews
    its been years since i did a layby, and this week was my first attempt so i would have some goodies for the kids at christmas time ALL READY. however, upon asking for help with "gadgets" a very kind staff worker was amazing at offering their advice on how the new wiiU worked and what i would need to get set up. Although once deciding what i would buy and taking it to the layby counter, the staff working on the counter had no idea what they were doing. not to mention the screen that the customer is supposed to see did not work very well and was sooooo dark, i couldnt see what the total was nor could i see the items on the screen. i did mention to them, that i think the machine/screen is broken. they replied that it had been broken for some time now but hadnt been fixed. i questioned how the layby system in the store worked and what had to be paid and when, how long did they hold the items for and what happens if i decide by christmas time that i dont want these items - could i return them. but it was seriously like the blind leading the blind, as the saying goes. They had absolutely no idea, and suggested i ring and ask before coming in next time to speak with the other staff (who i wrote their names down) to talk to and ask all my question i had to next time i was in to make a payment. Later that day i had been else where shopping and found a better price and a package deal so rang to cancel my order on one of the items and they requested me to come into the store to do it and wouldnt do it over the phone. i am a 10minute drive from this shop and it is not my local big w, so i was a little annoyed as there was nothing else here i needed to do. But i went over again the following day to cancel the item - literally walked up to the layby counter and explained the situation once again and this lady had known i was coming and just took the item off of the layby - no questions asked. however another day has now passed, and we received catalogs in the post and i had seen some of the items were YET again cheaper else where. so i rang Big W again and asked if they would price match or if i could un-purchase the items. they were happy to price match but i AGAIN had to go into the store! by this time, i was really annoyed as to why i had to keep returning to the store. When i arrived, i checked the price on the shelf my self and the Big W price had also changed to a sale price (the same as the other store i had taken a catalog in with me to show them) when discussing this with the staff behind the counter they didnt even need to see the catalog they just changed the price on the layby. So my question, or my annoyance with this stores layby policy is so poorly set up i will more than likely NOT do another layby - WHY would you have it set up that i have to go in to the store to change things when it is in your own catalog for a cheaper price!? the staff on layby counter the first time i was in store arranging the layby had NO idea, and nothing was explained to me that its unfair to put terms and conditions on a layby system if the staff arent competent enough to inform you of them when you set a layby up.

    5 months ago - 30/10/2014

  • Mammath Newbie   1 review
    I visited the this store with my 9 yo daughter who wanted to by a specific book. We were unable to locate the specific book she wanted on the shelf. There was a male staff member unpacking stock near by who we asked for help. He was very kind and polite and proceeded out to the store room to look for the book. He returned a few minutes later to advise us he was still looking and was going to check upstairs for us. He left us for another minute or so and to my daughter's delight he returned with the book we were looking for. This is not the first time a staff member from this store has gone out of their way to help me. Great store with fantastic customer service.

    11 months ago - 14/05/2014

  • TheMiddleIngredient Local Star   770 reviews
    Got the best party supplies this time of year!!! Thsnks
  • TheMiddleIngredient Local Star   770 reviews
    Well set out and spacious store. Not enough staff on working though. It's hard to find help.

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