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Reviews of Big W

  • mass.d Local Star 471 reviews
    Conveniently located in the CBD, it's surprising to find such a large department that sells almost everything in the city. It's great here because they open fairly early and stay open late too, especially on Friday and Saturday nights for those last minute buys. The service desk is friendly, especially the greeting staff who always greet staff with a smile and always seem to be happy to direct you to what ever you're looking for.
  • robstein Local Star 317 reviews
    great location, great size, great layout. This Big W brings a suburban shopping centre feel, plus all the benefits to the middle of the city. no longer do we have to pay for overpriced items n the city thanks to Big W
  • This Big W is quite good. It's cleaner and more neater than other Big Ws. The service is also good here. But.. being in the CBD, stock levels aren't always that high. But then again, it could be that I just don't go there fast enough when a sale is on.
  • Quite a good Big W store, with a reasonable range, and a good number of staff in case you need help with anything. The queues never seem to be too long. There are price checking machines throughout the store to you can check the price of any item.
  • Very big with lots of range. Cheapest place to buy most of the stuffs that are on special. Have a self check out department. Although the worst part of this store is that the lady who did bag checking sometimes is rude.

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