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  • lowlines Newbie   1 review
    What are you all talking about have been going to see Beven the owner for years since he first opened in castle hill he is a great fellow and has been great to all my family and people we recomend if you are not happy just ask to see him if these are the only comment you can list not bad for all the time he's been in the area hear he has also opened up next to the old shop to give a better range keep up the great work and get back on your bike let the staff do a bit thanks

    5 months ago - 27/10/2013

  • Inkster Newbie   1 review
    In general, the customer service is worse than I could have expected... I had taken in my road bike for a service ($89) and a rear deralier ($139). The staff in the shop had detailed that they will "install the rear deralier, clean it up, tighten the bolts and do a general service including greasing up the chain". After accepting this and handing over my bike, I had a call from them 3 days later explaining that they had ALREADY added an extra $80+ dollars onto the service claiming that gears needed to be changed, and cables were corroding, and that there was added labour. I told them not to do any more work and to let me know before they decide to charge me more. When I complained about the extra unwanted work and work not being completed, they claimed there was to be no refund, that they would also take the parts back off the bike and that the "clean" was only for the areas that they actually did work on, not the actual bike. So after admitting that the work shouldn't have been done, they told me they would call me back on the Monday. It's Friday, I've called them and once again they have told me to wait for their call. I don't think I'm getting my money or my original parts back, so I'm hoping social media can help out with this one...

    9 months ago - 12/07/2013

  • atan7 Local Star   645 reviews
    Located off Victoria Road in Castle Hill this bike shop is very large and stocks a great selection of Giant bikes. There are plenty to choose form and the staff are happy to show you catalogues of bikes if they don't have one in stock.
    We were warmly greeted and served when we entered the store and I enthusiastically played around with the bikes.
    There is a small parking lot out the front where you are able to 'test ride' the bikes.
    The prices are pretty much RRP and they didn't seem too open to negotiation- but overall a good experience in a bike store with very knowledgable staff.
    • ed001 Newbie 
      I took a bike to this shop for service associated works-it would not go into the top front gear cog & the front forks were incorrect.The bike was not purchased from this store.When putting the bike in for service the shop staff were told & shown the problem with the gears.I was told the cost would be $90.00 for the service works.I returned picked up the bike & paid for the service.I then took the bike home to go for a ride with my family.Within 1 hour of receiving the bike & on the first attempt to to put the bike into the top set of gears the chain became misaligned, broke the chain outer cover & would not move.This meant i now had to push the bike home.I phoned the bike shop told them i would be returning with the bike.The bike shop told me the problem was mine because it was a cheap bike($150-$200) & the parts were inferior quality to the ones on the bikes they sold!They could replace the parts for $50.They would not refund the service cost. DO NOT USE THIS SHOP NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!


  • ashell   24 reviews
    Very big selection of bikes at good prices. However it's very hard to find a staff member to help you.

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