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Reviews of BILLI'S CAFE

  • R_E_V_I_E_W_E_R_1 Local Star 871 reviews
    Visited for a late Sunday morning breakfast. Service was fast and friendly despite being quite busy. I ordered the fruit salad with muesli and yoghurt. When it came out it was a bowl of dry muesli, a bowl of fruit and a very small serve of yoghurt. Literally the size of a serve of tomato sauce that you would have with chips. About one tablespoon. So I ate my fruit salad, my rationed yoghurt and then the left over muesli dry. Very strange. For $12.50 they could have given me a decent scoop of yoghurt! The cooked breakfasts other people were getting around us looked nice and my partner enjoyed his mushrooms and poached eggs on sourdough. However I think it is important for cafe to also provide continental options for people who dont like cooked breakfasts. Food aside, Billis has a nice relaxed ambiance, friendly and fast service and a convenient location (a short walk from North Sydney station).
  • Liked the food - check the eftpos machine carefully though - paying $525 for 3 breakfasts has got to hurt!
  • We waited 50+ minutes and ended up walking out.

    We were seated without a hassle, and weren't warned that there was a long waiting time. Sat there for 50 minutes waiting for our food, and asked 3 times where it was. Two times the server never came back, finally we went into the kitchen ourselves. We were told they had 2 more meals to make before ours, and it'd be another 20-30 minutes.

    We left.

    The staff at the front counter hurrumphed at us when we complained, didn't seem sorry or apologize. Awful.
  • wwwt Cafe Crowd 109 reviews
    food is very average here, the corn fritters were soggy, you had to look for the guacamole on the sandwiches. The staff were friendly and nice and the coffee made up for the average food. we thought we picked the right place as it was busy but popularity doesn't necessarily mean it is good.

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