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Reviews of Billu's Indian Eatery

  • Nnyy Foodie 70 reviews
    Coming from a family who's Mum cooks exceptional Indian cuisine, it's tough to critique this place without feeling biased. However this place seems to be a family favourite when we're all heading out in our massive group.

    As the title suggests, this place is an eatery, so don't expect anything fancy, and expect it to get loud on their busy nights.

    We always order the same thing: Chicken Tikka which comes on a hotplate (everyones favourite) Butter chicken (for the kids, way too sweet for my liking), Lamb Saag, and then mixed it up with a Thali, Tikka Marsala, Lamb cutlets, Samosa - add to that head of Garlic Naan, rice, drinks and you have a packed table!

    The service could be slightly more friendly I guess, but we went again last night and the lady who looked after us was exceptionally nice.

    I would rate this place a 2.5 because it's OK and sometimes they miss instructions. But since my Mum seems to really enjoy it, I'm giving it a 3 (if she likes it, it's got to mean something!)

    Highlight: Chicken Tikka
    Lowlight: Lamb Saag (has declined over the past few years, the spinach tastes like paste)
  • Jess_2014p Local Star 170 reviews
    Have been here a few times and always enjoy a meal at Billu's. I always have the Thali which never disappoints! Service is prompt but the staff could be a bit more friendly. The place needs work on its interior as it feels more like a crowded cafe than a restaurant.
  • WOW!
    I really enjoyed having dinner here at Billu's, went with friends for a dinner and everyone was very happy!

    Thanks guys, will be back soon
  • seriously good food, on the not so busy days, try avoid sunday lunch as its jam packed, and you get excellent authentic food, i believe they have new chefs who are seriously putting up some stunning food
  • The place is dingy, quantity is abysmal, and the staff is rude. We ordered 2 Non thalis, lamb was under cooked and when we complaint about the food in the end, wait staff said what else could we get for $12.00. Note: Non Veg. Thalis is for $16.90. We corrected them and suggested to take it off the Menu if they couldnt keep up with the standards. Spoke to the management and nothing was done. It was the worst ever experience in an Indian Restaurant. The food is awful, not hot, bad taste.
  • Reminds me of an Indian Hotel back home. Not fine dining but good food served with a relish. I am sorry that some people have not had good experiences. But it is has authentic feel to it - that is how you will be served in an Indian eatery. And the food is good and priced well. We love this place.
  • Bella.Blue Local Star 395 reviews
    I've never been a huge fan of Indian cuisine, and my last experience at Billus, didn't redeem Indian food for me.
    A group of girlfriends and I went out for dinner. The booking was made for 8pm, and don't let the stereotype mislead you: we turned up on time. However, the restaurant was booked out and we were told we'd have to wait. Fine, we thought, 15minutes is not that long.
    Half an hour later, we were seated at a table that was covered in another diner's remnants of naan and butter chicken, and what looked like mango lassi. We ordered entrees and mains and by 9.20 were still waiting on our Samosas. Almost an hour later we were served our two meat curries and the entrees, without both our biryani rice or an apology.
    After 10minutes of picking at the curries, and wondering whether we should leave, we were brought our rice.
    This place could be half decent if the staff picked up their game and the food was a little more authentic.
    Hopefully there are better Indian eateries out there, but this is one to avoid.
    • Four of us visited this restaurant today to see my cousin after 51years, we were impressed with the service and the food, although we had byo there was no charge for corkage, very impressive. Would personally recommend
  • The atmosphere is akin to a real dhaba. It's loud and the tiles and walls make noises echo quite a bit. It's nicer outside during summer. The food is good and service is prompt once you line up and place your order. Their sets selection is also pretty good although some of them do tend to be tasteless. try the tandoori chicken with some garlic naan. Goes great with a cold beer.
  • The food is okay. some recipies are good as compared to others. Biryani was not as good as expected. they dont have a function hall inside the restaurant - they have one outside which does not serve the purpose if it is cold. the staff is friendly and helpful though.
  • Best and cheapest Indian food ---- Love itttttttttttt

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