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Bing Lee
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Reviews of Bing Lee

  • Recently purchased a LCD TV and later an air conditioner. Firstly, prices compared to all other retailers were slightly lower. No pressure sales, very helpful, and picking up out the back a breeze. Would recommend for any electrical appliances.
  • Always had great service and staff is always friendly!!
  • Your staff are excellent. Superior service compared to 'The Good Guys' store below you. There is always someone asking if you need help, you don't have to try find someone. Prices are very competitive and I am suprised sometimes at how easy it is to negotiate a significantly better deal. Keep up the good work!
  • Fantastic store, the Alexandria one is probably the best I have been to. Their warehouse has literally hundreds of TVs in stock (salesman showed me the count once, they had over 300 in stock of ONE TV) and delivery is next day or you can pick up next day if it's not in the store already.

    Bought my Samsung 40" 1080p LCD from them and got the best price around by miles. They were the first store I spoke to and the last as well. Great customer service and highly recommended!
  • Do great deals on TVs. Got heaps off my new Sharp LCD!
  • My favourite Bing Lee in Sydney. This place is always empty so they're keen to do a deal to make a sale.

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