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Reviews of Bing Lee

  • I agree with Dianneward, bought a steam iron from them, turned out to be useless as there was lack of steam which meant it was faulty, took it back to them, they didn't give us a refund, basically said its our policy to not provide you with refund so deal with it. The staff was being really rude , was raising her voice at me for no reason, when we first got there was playing on staff's ipod while we were standing infront waiting for staff to assist us for about a minute, didn't even apologise once i asked for assistance politely. Other staff were not as polite and helpful either, I feel ripped off. I don't recommend anyone to shop at Bing Lee due to their anti customer friendly policy, specially the one in marrickville.
  • Bought many things from Bing Lee Marrickville and so far the service has been really good. Friendly staff and pretty good prices so can't complain.
  • They sold us a recalled Simpson washing machine, but never told us it was a recall model. 3 weeks later the washing machine breaks and they don't want anything to do with us. They didn't even want to answer our calls or advise us what to do. I was very disgusted and disapointed with this shop and I'm going to make sure that everyone knows that this Bing Lee Marrickville is not good to buy your products from.

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