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Reviews of Blacktown High Tech Brake & Clutch

  • Very professional & very helpful. One of the issues i have found with some mechanics is their over pricing for minor repairs or their unwillingness to explain in detail what needs to be done & why. This has decreased my confidence in the workmanship however this mechanic listened to me & gave me thorough explanations about what needs to be repaired and whereabouts on the car it is which I find is lacking in this industry.
    Definitely a mechanic of choice. Will definately call them again if needed.
  • Really bad experience ,I booked my car for service but they were not aware of booking at all and they simply said "can't do service today".They were unprofessional in so many ways
  • After having a few bad experiences with my usual mechanic, I thought I'd give this mechanic a go after finding it on the Internet under my local mechanics. I gave them a call and told them my problem and they gave me a rough quote of how much it would cost. After the service was complete, I anxiously approached the counter and was surprised at how honest the mechanic was and how affordable it was. I was used to leaving the mechanics -$300 at least but he fixed my brakes for only $170 and gave me a run down of what he did and did not do and why. Finally, a mechanic who doesn't try to screw over every unknowing female that walks in. Highly recommended!
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