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Reviews of Blockbuster

  • This DVD shop is an absolute nightmare. All the weekly movies and many of the recent releases are scratched. Worse still, there are regular errors in the borrowing system and they harass you about movies you never borrowed and when you eventually you go there to try and sort the problem out they refuse to listen, saying they're too busy to talk and then has one of the underlings phone you again in a week to retrace the same, endless conversaton. Save yourself a huge amount of angst and go elsewhere!!!!
    • I completely disagree with this review. I am a film student & have been a member with Blockbuster Currimundi for 5yrs, hiring films from their store is something i do weekly for my studies. I have NEVER been turned away, they have always made time to help me search for movies, sometimes having to order a specific one in for me. I have maybe had an issue with scratched discs 3 times out of 300 (not really that many) & when i have brought it to the staffs attention they have happily buffed the disc or put a credit on my file. If you are deciding whether to join a local video store i recommend this one. In all the years i have been through that store i have never had a bad experience & i have been through there many times!!!!!

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