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Local Blockbuster stores offer the latest range of home entertainment through Blu-ray and DVD, New Releases, old family favourites, TV series, games, black and white classics and all the best kids titles. There's something for everyone.

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Reviews of Blockbuster

  • This is my favourite video store in the area - the staff are extremely helpful and friendly, especially Sam (I don't know her surname). Nothing is too much trouble. It's rare these days to get such customer service!
  • This is the only video store I go to. The staff are good at their job - they know all about the system and how to work it to the customer's advantage, so return business is ensured. The custoer service, from letting you know the best deals, the availability of the DVD to the way they talk about different genre is fantastic. They are good on the late movie scenarios and make you feel like coming back!service
  • I used to find this video store very helpful. Things have changed. I had issues playing DVD of Samson and Delilah in my DVD player, computer and laptop. On two seperate occasions it blue screened my computer and the hard drive crashed. I rented it for the 3rd time hoping I could finally see the 2nd half. On renting it I was told by a young staff member "don't worry, it's no good anyway because there's hardly any talking in it". I let the ridiculous comment fly, tried in in my dvd player and laptop - it wouldn't work. I took it back immediately and the same person did offer another rental (even though I had rented another two from them for that night) As I was declining another staff member interrupted "don't worry - you aren't missing anything because there's hardly any talking in it" Stupified I replied "that doesn't make a movie" They replied "yeah but there is hardly any talking in it". I replied "that hardly makes a movie". They didn't get it, grinned at me and I gave up and walked out. A critically acclaimed, award winning, AFI smashing classic was reduced to a "nothing much" by two staff. Questioning a customer's taste in films is not the brightest thing to do with an unhappy customer. I do hope Blockbuster get some more helpful staff in - this used to be a really good store.
  • Best dvd hire place l have found, the staff are friendly and always full of life, they always go out of the way to make sure yu get the movie that you want. And if they dont have it they will get it in and ring you.

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