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Unlike any other florist, our advantage lays on the unique logistics system we have, which enables us to purchase and deliver flowers at a lower cost and a faster speed than competitors. 

1. We buy directly from flowers growers around the world. 
By having no middleman? we get flowers cheaper and decrease the transit time from the fields to the recipient. Our strong buying power with growers allows us to buy quality flowers for less and pass the savings to our customers.

2. We provide better value for flowers. 
We do not take commission for taking the order and then sending it for fulfillment to local florists. Order taking and flower arranging are done on 100% at company owned facilities. 

3. We provide better customer service. 
We deal with your order directly from order taking to arranging flowers and delivery. So we know exactly where your order is at any given moment. You can contact us by phone, Skype, live chat or email and well be sure to serve you.

4. We provide better quality products. 
Since we do 100% of all orders at company owned facilities, we employ the same standards for flower freshness, design, packaging and delivery. The quality and accuracy are guaranteed no matter where your order is going to. 

5. We care. 


We Understand your Needs 
The reason behind our rapid success and growth has been our constant strive to meet the modern day consumer demands of providing the following:

- Deliver quality flowers that represent the genuine feelings of our customers who buy.

- To maintain low cost flowers so anyone with any budget can send great flowers at better value for money.

- To deliver flowers that are beautiful with a longer lifespan, so you can enjoy them longer.

- To give our customers a variety of flower bouquets, roses and floral arrangements that are suitable as birthday flowers, sympathy flowers, anniversary flowers, thank you flowers and any occasion flowers. 

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  • Rygg Newbie   1 review
    Excellent service as usual. The friend I sent them to was so impressed with them and said how lovely the flowers were. I wouldn't use anyone else just wish somebody would send me a bouquet from there xxxxx

    2 days ago - 19/12/2014

  • Yvon888 Newbie   1 review
    This is the first time that I placed an online order with Bloomex for my daughter's 30th birthday. I wanted something really special to mark my daughter's special day. I requested additional items and the assistant Samantha gracefully accommodated my request. My daughter was extremely delighted to receive the 30 lovely large orange roses with greenery in a clear vase, along with the additional frills: chocolates, teddy, champagne, and a beautiful card fit for the occasion.
    Thank you very much for Bloomex excellent quality and timely service. I will no doubt use its services again in the future.

    3 days ago - 18/12/2014

  • maahm8 Newbie   1 review
    I have ordered a flower bouquet to be delivered to my friend as her graduation gift on the next day. I have also paid the so called "next-day" delivery fee as stated in their 'delivery policies'.

    However, she still hasn't got the bouquet 2 days after the ceremony (which was the delivery date). Now, please answer me, what good is a graduation flower bouquet to be received TWO DAYS AFTER the ceremony?

    The customer service cut off the connection when I complaint about this. My complaint emails were ignored. I am truly disappointed to read your testimony here as they showed little to no truth of your real services.

    3 days ago - 18/12/2014

  • deez79 Newbie   1 review
    i live overseas and ordered a bouquet of flowers on the 16th december for delivery on the 17th december 2014. its a surprise gift for my sister as she is graduating today. they failed to delivery the flower to Richmond, Vic and told me it will be delivered tomorrow. i paid for the delivery and they should delivery it today as per delivery policy. their online chat staff is useless and rude. they just left the chat session.

    i told them that i want a refund becoz they fail to deliver it on time. the management staff emailed me and said that they might not provide one becoz the flower is already on the way but will get to my sister on the 18th december. its pointless because the occasion is today.

    this is ridiculous and unacceptable. they sort of put the blame on me becoz i didnt order the flowers within their cut off time. i told them that they didnt state anything about cut of time for next day delivery. as long as i place the order on the prior day, they will delivery the flowers as promised. its all rubbish and they just a bunch of rude , incompetent people.

    Bloomex, if you are reading this . i demand a refund becoz the late delivery is due to your mismanagement and not becoz of acts of god. please resolve this matter accordingly or i will launch an official complain to fair trading.

    3 days ago - 17/12/2014

    • maahm8 Newbie 
      i am in the same situation with the same date. these people shouldn't be allowed to do business here!

      3 days ago - 18/12/2014

  • min74 Newbie   2 reviews
    Wish I had googled this company before I placed any order. Thankfully I got a refund unlike some. It seems Bloomex are well known. I was let down, like many others (please consider googling company), my order (Thankyou) was cancelled and money refunded due to being unable to fulfil the obligation to delivery my flowers under the terms on their website. My phone call experiences felt quite hostile on their end with excuses from the staff member telling me that I the customer had placed my order after the cut off time for next day delivery to suffering conversation with rude staff that hang up on you and tell you theyre too busy to speak to you and pretty much treat you like c**p. After the staff hung up I jumped into their chat to speak to someone regarding their behaviour to have them stop conversing once I identified who I was.. On phone they insisted I didnt order in the right timeframe then only 'listened' to me when I pointed out I had emails FROM them timed and dated and also screenshots of my chat conversation on their site even after i offered to return email my proof and insisted they honor my order and deliver it ON time after confirming i ordered within THEIR demanded timeframes even then were still telling me that I the customer was in the wrong.. they appeared to hold no concern when i said I was contacting fair trading.. they send me email offers to buy flowers off them, pmsl... um no thanks. My first experience will be the last thankyou very much. And Bloomex dont bother responding suggesting I contact customer service.. or appolizing for confusion etc been there heard that.. instead of wasting my time further perhaps a refresher in staffs customer service skill training would be a better option. (and yes Ive kept all photos and emails to back my opinions as needed!) if I ever need flowers for someone Im not fond off dont worry Ill call you.

    5 days ago - 16/12/2014

    • deez79 Newbie 
      hi there,

      i am facing the same problem as u.. exactly the same problem whereby their cant deliver my flowers on the day specified. they came out with all sort of excuses and blaming me for order outside business hours etc. yes, and their staff is rude . ive been online chatting with them to find out where about was my flowers and they didnt have a clue and just left the chatting session. im trying to get my refund and they seems reluctant to do it.

      3 days ago - 17/12/2014

  • O.Coubourne Newbie   1 review
    Delighted to be able to provide feedback for this service. I was absolutely delighted with the level of service, the professionalism of the lady at the other end of the telephone when I initially phoned from Ireland with an enquiry about sending some flowers to a relative in Calwell for a birthday celebration. The assistant couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. Such was her manner and level of professionalism that I felt immediately happy to entrust my order of white lilies and they were every bit as beautiful as described judging by my relative's delighted response upon receiving them. A heart felt thank you and I shall be delighted to use your wonderful service for future events. Thanks from Dublin ! Great value too.

    1 week ago - 09/12/2014

    • Bloomex Australia Newbie 
      We are so glad that you were happy with your Bloomex order and the level of customer service that you received from abroad. Thank you for taking the time to post this feedback. We hold our products and services to the highest quality standards and it's wonderful to see that you were served so successfully. We look forward to helping you again soon.
      Best regards,

      1 week ago - 11/12/2014

  • Kirby72 Newbie   1 review
    If you are looking for flowers to be delivered a day old and the day after you want them to arrive as well as rude unhelpful service then this is place for you.
    I ordered flowers a day in advance for a relative having surgery. The day they were to be delivered I received an email stating my flowers would not be delivered as advertised and would not arrive till the next day.
    When I asked to cancel my order so I could get flowers sent the day I wanted them sent the rude person I spoke with pretty much said tuff luck they had already been dispatched. This meant they were already a day old when they were received.
    When I filled in the survey and expressed my disappointment I was offered a discount off my next order. Are they serious?
    I would never order with this company again.

    1 week ago - 08/12/2014

    • Bloomex Australia Newbie 
      Hi Kirby,
      Thank you for the feedback. We apologize for any confusion regarding our next delivery availability. Not all products and addresses are available for next day but each product page clearly states delivery parameters. We are sorry if we were unable to get your order to you for next day. I will forward your post to customer service as perhaps there is a way to improve our clarity in this regard.

      1 week ago - 11/12/2014

  • Yragui Newbie   1 review
    I ordered a bouquet of flowers for my girlfriend who lives in Brisbane. Jessica, who took my order was very friendly and professional. I ordered a $100 bouquet to make an impression and when I turned up to see them they were huge! My girlfriend loved them. Great service. Highly recommended. Thanks

    2 weeks ago - 06/12/2014

    • Bloomex Australia Newbie 
      Dear Yragui,
      We are so glad that your bouquet made a happy impression on your girlfriend! We do try to provide the freshest blooms with the largest arrangements at very low prices. It's great to read that you found Jessica to be friendly and helpful as this is the standard for all our agents. Thank you very much for taking the time to post this feedback.
      Best regards,

      1 week ago - 11/12/2014

  • Iturbide Newbie   1 review
    There is always room for more variety but they still have a great selection and helpful staff on sales line who had some brilliant ideas to suit the budget. made everything nice and simple. the flowers brought joy into a very sad occasion. recommended.

    2 weeks ago - 05/12/2014

    • Bloomex Australia Newbie 
      Thank you for taking the time to post feedback. We're glad that you found the service agents to be friendly and helpful. Sorry to read that the flowers were for a sad occasion and we hope that things are a little better with passing days. If we could provide any brightness then we are glad of it. We will be glad to serve you again soon.
      Best regards,

      1 week ago - 11/12/2014

  • Gligoraci Newbie   1 review
    Thank you so much. My colleague reported that the flowers and the bear were delivered sometime yesterday. There was nobody home at the time, however, she was thrilled with the flowers and the bear.

    2 weeks ago - 03/12/2014

    • Bloomex Australia Newbie 
      Hi Gligoraci,
      Thank you for the post. We are glad that the recipient was thrilled with the flowers and the bear. We take pride in our products and service and are so glad that we could provide you excellence in both. We look forward to serving you again soon!
      Best regards,

      2 weeks ago - 04/12/2014


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