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Unlike any other florist, our advantage lays on the unique logistics system we have, which enables us to purchase and deliver flowers at a lower cost and a faster speed than competitors. 

1. We buy directly from flowers growers around the world. 
By having no middleman? we get flowers cheaper and decrease the transit time from the fields to the recipient. Our strong buying power with growers allows us to buy quality flowers for less and pass the savings to our customers.

2. We provide better value for flowers. 
We do not take commission for taking the order and then sending it for fulfillment to local florists. Order taking and flower arranging are done on 100% at company owned facilities. 

3. We provide better customer service. 
We deal with your order directly from order taking to arranging flowers and delivery. So we know exactly where your order is at any given moment. You can contact us by phone, Skype, live chat or email and well be sure to serve you.

4. We provide better quality products. 
Since we do 100% of all orders at company owned facilities, we employ the same standards for flower freshness, design, packaging and delivery. The quality and accuracy are guaranteed no matter where your order is going to. 

5. We care. 


We Understand your Needs 
The reason behind our rapid success and growth has been our constant strive to meet the modern day consumer demands of providing the following:

- Deliver quality flowers that represent the genuine feelings of our customers who buy.

- To maintain low cost flowers so anyone with any budget can send great flowers at better value for money.

- To deliver flowers that are beautiful with a longer lifespan, so you can enjoy them longer.

- To give our customers a variety of flower bouquets, roses and floral arrangements that are suitable as birthday flowers, sympathy flowers, anniversary flowers, thank you flowers and any occasion flowers. 

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  • nsn001 Newbie   2 reviews
    I've gifted many bouquets of flowers in my time and have been fortunate enough to have been gifted with plenty aswell and I have never seen such poor quality flowers. The white roses arrived wilted and brown. The arrangements were smaller than pictured and messy. I actually ordered two identical bouquets but you wouldn't have been able to tell as they looked that different. Would not recommend Bloomex.

    3 weeks ago - 28/08/2014

  • Amy8017 Newbie   2 reviews
    Do NOT ever buy from this company! Terrible customer service. My partner spent extra to have the flowers delivered on time, but they never arrived. He paid for a congratulations balloon. When I finally got the flowers three days later, they were wilted and there was no balloon. When he called to complain, they told him they don't sell balloons! And they refused to refund the cost of the flowers.
    TERRIBLE!!! I don't even want to give them half a star.

    1 month ago - 12/08/2014

  • Antica Sko Newbie   2 reviews
    Absolute disaster! I have never seen such poor 'rose' quality in my life. The rose arrangement was utterly pathetic, I assume a person who has no limbs attempted to create this '$100 plus' rose arrangement delivery for my mother's birthday, & to top it off they delivered the roses to the verandah & left them in the sun for only god knows how long without ringing the door bell! I will be taking this issue to the accc.
  • Jadey_baby02 Newbie   1 review
    So disappointing!!! Do not trust or go with this company! I purchased a bunch of birthday flowers for my mother who has been through a lot lately to cheer her up. The flowers looked terrible, I was embarrassed my mother put them up on Facebook! I contacted the company who were NOT friendly and not willing to provide a refund but offered me a mearly 15% off (as if I'd ever buy/trust them again)!!! So upsetting really! terrible company, terrible flowers, you'd be silly to buy from them really...
  • SOBAD Newbie   1 review
    Bad Customer service, Product did not deliver on time, Misleading advice= DO NOT DO BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!

    I am absolutely shocked that this company. I am so angry and pissed off at the frustration with this company. I have reported this company to Fair Trading NSW for the wrong information and will be seeking legal consequences. I ordered flowers for my friends graduation, was not sure whether they would be delivered so talked to their 'online operator' who told me YES THEY WOULD BE DELIVERED. They were not delivered the next day. Called customer service, it's an overseas customer service rep yelling back that they could not help me NO REFUND, did not own responsibility for the wrong information given to me, basically did not give a c**p about what just happened. The flowers took 3 days to arrive!!!! When I ordered them for someones graduation!!!! I am disgraced they have the audacity to keep running their business. Spread the word about this company!! Wish I read reviews earlier- Do not buy!!

    2 months ago - 25/06/2014

  • mazmik12 Newbie   1 review
    Ordered flowers for my bestfriend's birthday, and paid extra to have them same day delivery however she never got them. When i called up, after 30 times of being told to call back later, a management staff was so rude telling me they wont refund it and if she doesn't get them, then she doesn't get them and they cant do anything about it. They then hung up in my face because they didn't want to help me further. A few days later my friend finally received them and they looked horrible. nothing like the photos and all dead looking. Sent a bunch of emails and called so many times but they clearly don't care about customer service. Will never ever ever go back to them for anything.

    3 months ago - 12/06/2014

  • Sharon Tynan   4 reviews
    My boss asked me to send some flowers to a Sydney supplier to say thanks for a great job. I made the mistake of picking this company. I did not know the flowers had not arrived until my boss found out about weeks after the flowers were sent that nothing was ever delivered. I had to try to find out what happened was this company and all I got was an email that said they were delivered. I sent many emails but got no response. We ended up sending flowers through another online firm and they arrived just fine. Fortunately my boss was very understanding but I felt like an idiot for not checking the reviews first. . Give this company a miss. Their customer service is woeful and I would never ever use them again.

    3 months ago - 09/06/2014

  • Ivy R Newbie   1 review
    I chose this company because the flowers looked good on the internet and the price looked reasonable too. Wish I didnt use them. I paid extra for my sisters birthday flowers to be delivered on her birthday but I only found out she didn't get them when i called her that night. I tired to call the company but I couldnt get through to a person. I tried the online thing and all they did was say someone would check it out for me but i waited and did not hear anything. I sent an email and got a message saying the flowers had been delivered but my sister never got them. I was so embarrassed and upset because it was like I had forgotten to send flowers. Then 2 days later my sister calls and says she had some flowers left on her doorstep. They had no note and were all wilted and the box was from Bloomex so she guessed they were the missing ones. It was horrible experience and i do not recommend them.

    3 months ago - 08/06/2014

  • Sian.5   3 reviews
    I wanted to order flowers for a Dearly Loved Aunt who was very unwell in a Sydney Hospital. She had a special wish for carnations and, as I live in Adelaide, the only online retailer that seemed to have them was BLOOMEX. I have placed many online orders for flowers with various retailers and have never been disappointed - this was not to happen on this occasion.

    TUESDAY: The wish was urgent so I ordered at @ 8am and paid extra for the same day service. The flowers did not arrive. I called the Sydney telephone number and got someone saying they were too busy to take my call. I emailed BLOOMEX - no reply. That night I had one of the worst online chat experiences I have ever had - I wont go into detail - it was awful. I emailed BLOOMEX again.

    WEDNESDAY: I still had no replies to my email so I sent them another and said the matter was urgent as my Aunt was very unwell and I wanted to fulfil this particular wish for her. They finally sent me a tracking # which showed the flowers had been collected for delivery by the courier at 2pm Tuesday. They assured me the flowers would arrive that day and refunded the difference between the same day delivery and standard next day delivery. I thanked them. The Flowers still did not arrive.

    WEDNESDAY: I checked the tracking order at 8am - no flower delivery recorded so I emailed BLOOMEX again. No reply. I tried to call their Sydney number - again that rotten recorded "We cannot take your Call" message. So I traced the delivery firm who called the delivery driver. Driver said they had delivered the flowers to the front desk. THEY HADN'T"T. I called the hospital, who were wonderful, they searched high and low for the flowers but could not locate them. I emailed BLOOMEX - this time they came back and said the flowers had been delivered they said they were late because these flowers were not available for same day delivery. I emailed BLOOMEX and said they were available for delivery - according to the tracking advice they had been collected for delivery by the delivery firm at on Tuesday - no reply. I avoided the online chat - I really did not want to go there again! I went back to the delivery firm and asked them for more information - the driver had gone home so they said they would check and call me in the morning.

    THURSDAY: The delivery firm called and told me the flowers were simply left at an unmanned desk on the 8th floor and described the box the flowers were in. I asked who had signed for them and was told it was their policy to just leave perishables if no-one was there so they had no signature. I called the hospital and was advised they had not received them and the desk was never unmanned. The hospital hunted a second time high and low for the flowers - they knew of my Aunts wish - they were wonderful. I emailed BLOOMEX again and they said they would redeliver the flowers that day and sent me a new tracking #. THE FLOWERS DID NOT ARRIVE. At 5pm That night I emailed them to let them know they had failed to deliver - AGAIN! - No Reply. I called the Telephone number and again got the message saying they could not take my call. By 11pm Thursday night it did not matter anymore - it was too late!

    FRIDAY: The hospital called to advise a courier had just dropped in a very battered box of dead carnations. I emailed BLOOMEX to advise I was finished with them and wanted nothing more from them - They did not reply. So I sent every person I knew an email about what had transpired and I also sent a copy to BLOOMEX.

    THEY REPLIED TO THAT - they offered me a $50 Store Credit. I sent them a scathing refusal.

    I hope you don't have to join our group. Just avoid them and use one of the reputable firms.

    3 months ago - 08/06/2014

    • Renata2014 Newbie 
      I am so sorry Sian - I was at the hospital and knew of your Aunts wish. We did search and I am convinced the first set of flowers never arrived or they would have been in the flower room on the 8th floor. It was so distressing because we kept thinking they would arrive because the promises this company made. Had we known we would have fulfilled her wish by ordering something from the florist downstairs. They are a really bad firm to do this and I and the nursing staff simply will not use them.

      3 months ago - 13/06/2014

  • Kiimmii Newbie   1 review
    PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR & DO NOT BUY FLOWERS FROM THIS COMPANY!! Spent the extra few dollars else where as you will receive much better service! Today I ordered some flowers for my boyfriends' mum for her bday because we wanted to surprised her. Placed the order before 1pm for same day delivery, since the website guaranteed delivery from 2-5pm so we decided to get them sent to her work. She finished work for the day & still no sign of the flowers. Rang them at 5.15pm to check the delivery status and staff said they will check and will email me back...30mins came by and still no reply. Rang them the SECOND time to ask where my order was as I was very embarrassed and they had left me in an awkward situation but To my horrible surprise the staff member was RUDE and basically yelled at me and told me they don't know where my order is and will find out at 7pm & hung up on me! I tried calling back several times and it kept ringing out. Staff literally ignored my phone calls! WORSE SERVICE & EXPERIENCE EVER! They ruin my day and will never do business with them... First and last time!

    I will definitely ask for my money back but doesn't look promising after reading other reviews.

    3 months ago - 07/06/2014

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