Blooms The Chemist

Balmain, NSW
OPEN TODAY: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
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Products & Services

Smoking Deterrents Vitamins & Supplements Skin Care & Beauty Family Planning Cosmetics Medicines Weight Loss

Blooms Darrell Lea
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Reviews of Blooms The Chemist

  • Pablo99 must be joking or mistaken. The staff at Blooms are fantastic and an absolute credit to their organisation. They are always charming, helpful, patience and happy. It always a pleasure to see them.
  • Not the case. Have found the staff in this pharmacy to be VERY friendly, and long term staff, most of them.
  • Extremely disappointing customer service!!! I went in with my wife and baby only to be blindsided with a series of insults by a staff member. They were so rude that we thought they must have been joking. It was only at the end of the unpleasant encounter that we realised they weren't. I am still fuming!

    I recommend you don't risk using this business, it could ruin your day.
    • The staff at this place are nothing short of wonderful, never harried and always have time to give the kids jellybeans and a smile.I think Pablo was rude.
      Sure seems like it.