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Reviews of Blue Cross Medical Centre

  • Long waits if you go during peek times but I always got great service and friendly staff.
    Plenty of doctors bas and a blood test lab. I go here for most of my doctors visits.
  • If you'd decided that you are going to change your closing time to 9pm, by all means do it and inform the public accordingly! Do not flash the sign that says, "Open 7 days from 7am to 10pm" while you are closing your door at 9.20pm! I wouldn't be so desperate to go to your "wonderful" clinic at 9.20pm if I am not having a 40C fever!
  • Long wait times, can't book an appointment and they'll tell that there's no one waiting just to get you through the door and your medicare card swiped.
  • We went last night to this medical centre, we got there at 9:40 the doors were locked we rang and the reception staff told us that they were closed so I told them how come on the website it says they closed at 10pm staff goes well we closed at 9:45pm so we can't open the doors now. It was very unprofessional we had both of my babies with us, they should upgrade the details on the website and put that they closed at 9:45pm instead of 10pm!!!! I won't recommend it to ANYONE!!!
  • I had a kitchen accident and required stitches. The doctor on duty was professional, efficient and very thorough. I had to wait.My GP does not do stitches and the wait time is the same amount of time there too. I was very happy with Blue Cross's service.
  • This medical centre is in serious need of a service re-vamp.

    There is only 1-2 doctors on duty, waiting room overflows all the time.

    The longest wait I've had was 3 hours and I was deeply, DEEPLY frustrated with it and people seem to be getting in before I was when they arrived much later and submitted their medical card.

    The doctor's don't really do enough work as I was sick with bronchitis, doctor prescribed me some expensive antibiotics and that made me worse. I went to my family doctor and gave me the strongest antibiotics and it helped within 1 week.

    So much for ripping me off with weak antibiotics for a serious condition.
    • 1. Do not go to a place with a "no appointments" system and expect to get in quickly. An individual doctor can only work at a limited pace without compromising on the quality of care.
      2. There are no "strong" or "weak" antibiotics. There are different antibiotics for different infections. Some are "broad-spectrum" and some are "narrow-spectrum". Inappropriate use of broad-spectrum antibiotics leads to resistance.
      3. Your doctor receives no additional monetary gain from prescribing you more expensive antibiotics over cheaper ones. Therefore he or she has no personal interest in prescribing the more expensive ones as a way of "ripping you off".
      4. If you feel strongly about this issue, do something proactive. Write to the government to campaign for increased medical trainees, medical practitioners and medical services. Campaign for more government subsidized medications. Use your DEEP frustration to do sometime constructive rather than destructive.

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