Bowen Hills Dental Surgery

Herston, QLD
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Reviews of Bowen Hills Dental Surgery

  • I saw the new dentist, Emma after a problem. She fixed me up - perfect - so convenient. I think the kids will like her, too. Kind, gentle and knowledgable. Thankyou!
  • I normally don't leave reviews but in this case, I had to.
    Dr Myra Seeto is a fantastic dentist and ridiculously knowledgeable. She was able to answer every question I had and gave me very handy advice.

    All staff are very friendly and welcoming.

    I highly recommend this dentist.
  • I have a difficult time trusting dentist and was referred by a friend to Dr Myra Seeto. She managed to fit me in 1hr after phoning her regarding a broken tooth. My tooth was fixed strait away, and she talked me through each step so I knew what was happening. It cost me $175, which also included a necessary clean. I highly recommend her.
  • I have been coming to this dentist for years and as much as you can like a dentist I like Dr Seeto! The first time I came here my tooth had cracked, I called for an urgent appointment and I was in less than 2 hrs later and it was fixed perfectly for about $100. When I needed my wisdom teeth out I came here again looking for a quote and she tooth both of my top wisdoms out right then - about $150 each I think and it didn't hurt at all, healed great. I had another bottom wisdom taken out here later and it went well again. Dr Seeto and her assistant are both very friendly and professional :)
  • I cannot believe I am the first person to review this Dentist!! Dr Myra Seeto practices out of this surgery Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and out of a Wavell Heights surgery on Wednesday and Friday. If you are in need of wisdom tooth removal do not have anything done elsewhere until you have seen her. She is a magician. I was originally referred to Intraface Dental across the road in Herston by my regular dentist and received a quote for $3100 for removal of all 4 in hospital under general anaesthetic. Once I finished choking on the quote I left Intraface and on the suggestion of a friend rang Dr Seeto for an appointment. She was incredibly personable and made me feel at ease from the moment I stepped through her door. She removed my top 2 wisdom teeth under a local only, i did not feel a thing and the whole process took 10 mins. Bleeding was minimal and I was healed and chewing on steak 4 days later. The best thing, she charged me 10% of what Intraface quoted me. Needless to say I have a new regular dentist and for the first time in my life do not dread my next appointment. The only thing stopping me from giving her 5 stars is the fact she does not have a southside location.

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