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Reviews of Bread Station

  • Not another retail bread shop I hear you say. This one is different from the other large franchises - it's family run and you get personal service. From time to time, one of their staff will stand outside and entice you to try a bite sized offering of one of their baked products. We were inducted to this shop in this way and were pleasantly surprised at how neat and tidy the store was. The main island cabinet is all glass and you get a full eyeful of all the goodies on offer. Baked buns, breads and scrolls were all looking so glowing and appetising. We felt we had to try them all. Along each wall, more glass cabinets presented cakes and more buns. They don't bake too many of each variety and we got there in time to purchase some freshly baked egg tarts at 3pm!

    They have table settings for customers that wish to have a coffee and bun there and then at the front of the store and at the rear. No need for you to eat your buns whilst being eyed by Bankstown pigeons.

    They also do special cake orders for occasions such as birthdays and had an album near the counter, especially for kids with their favourite animated characters in mind.

    The baked goods here were cheaper than the other stores and tasted just as good. Most of the buns are under $2 and many are 10 or 20 cents cheaper than the other bread shops. You can't beat egg tarts at 50 cents each! (bulk buy). We would definitely visit them again.

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