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Reviews of Brighton Auto Spa and Cafe

  • Horrible customer service from the management. I was given a quote over the phone and when I arrived they added $ to the quote. They were rude and clearly didnt want to offer a service to me.

    I went somewhere else and was happy to pay more for a real service!!
  • Bought a livingsocial voucher for $49, with the usual group buy, wasn't expecting much as it's usually over hyped. But it was stated to have include an Auto Spa Superior package ($69.90), a spray wax ($10) and a clay treatment ($30) which has a total value of $109.90. The package comes a hand wash and wax, interior windows, vacuum and dusting, interior dash console and trims detailed, and a tyre shine. Yeah right... My expectation was low but not this low.

    In and out was less than 20mins but the deal mentioned duration of wash wash is approximately 45-60mins. My latte took 10mins, tasted more like coffee flavored milk.

    Worse is that while cleaning the interior, it seems someone had dropped a bomb in it, all my receipts nicely sorted together in my center console was crushed up and simply stuffed back in and they kindly close the drawer so I couldn't see it. My torch was somewhere under my seat, my sun screen was open and sitting on my back seat where it was nicely tucked behind my seat and there's dirt everywhere on my seats. I saw them pulling up my floor mat, placed it on my seats and vacuum. Don't you take them out of the car? They can't be bothered making the seats somewhat from where you left them, when I got back in, my front passenger seat was all the way to the front where's mine to the back.

    ClearWater $79.90 polish and wash is much better if you consider paying $109.90, or in my case $49 for this below par service.

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