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We provide our members with results Your results are gained through our knowledge and experience We believe in what we do Your results are our passion.

Broadway Gym offers just that. Convenience not only in location, but also in space, range of classes, services and facilities. Every aspect of the gym is laid out to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes for you to get fit and healthy. You won't find a more convenient location in Sydney.

Broadway Gym has been trading for over 35 years, ensuring you receive the combined knowledge and experience of all those years of friendship and service to our members. In that time we have become renowned as the leading experts in training and weight reduction. You have access to services and facilities that help others achieve world titles in sport and fitness competitions, shape celebrities to look their best and that help members just like you, who have called Broadway gym "their gym".

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  • Abbey Smith Hot Bod   23 reviews
    Quite an expensive membership for a gym that doesn't have very new facilities. It is not a bad experience, but it is a bit overpriced for me! Sorry! Other than that I was treated well and was shown around, which was really helpful, but I don't think I will be going there.

    1 month ago - 24/02/2014

  • davevdnz Newbie   1 review
    The front desk was managed poorly. I waited for nearly 20 mins to be served. I decided to check this place out due to location and their flyer prompting a very cheap deal. But realised the deal wasn't actually such a good deal and after a trial session realised it was a ripoff. I'd personally rather pay a little bit more and have a clean, non crowded, relaxing gym session, with some fresh air flowing through the place rather than the fumes of testosterone fuelled gym junkies. The place is in dire need of sharpening up, but I guess that's the price you pay for a slightly cheaper gym than the average.
  • Ryo Himasaki   4 reviews
    Guys at the front were spruiking a deal so came upstairs to inquire and get a tour of the gym's facilities. The front desk seemed non-chalant when I asked about the rates, they didn't seem to care for my business.

    I guess will suit the likes looking for a local gym feel, but not for me even if they did end up fixing the attitudes of their reception staff.
  • Stub88 Newbie   1 review
    A very convenient gym with friendly staff always willing to help with advice on fitness or nutrition, but not pushy. As an older member I've always been grateful for help both in what to do and (just as important!) what not to do when excercising.
  • sjstegg Newbie   1 review
    Friendly, helpful staff, great equipment, best prices in Sydney and open whenever I want to workout.
  • 15kgslighter Newbie   1 review
    Finally, I have found a gym in this maddening city that is prepared to treat me as a client and not just a membership fee.....thanks to the attention of the staff and the unpretentious layout of this gym which includes a steam room (very rare trust me) and heavy punching bags well out of the way of other punters so you can really go to town on them, I have managed to shed 15kg in just over 4 months and the effect on my life has been immeasurably positive.

    The annual fee I was offered was more than reasonable and the method of sale employed by the staff was the opposite of the hard sell that is customary in the fitness industry. I was made to feel comfortable and welcome from the moment I set foot inside and this feeling continues to this day.

    I have made several friends amongst the regulars and contracted trainers and as for the desk staff I look forward to seeing them each day as their greeting is sincere and encouraging. Their understanding and commitment to the individual progress of their clients is as thorough as it is professional.

    I cannot recommend this gym highly enough.
  • gymgoddess   2 reviews
    Came in for a tour of the gym. The front desk was rude, implying that the staff member who offered me a free trial had no authority to do so and actually used the term "dodgy" in reference to my use of it. As I do not care to be insulted, I did not come back for my appointment. There's no shortage of gyms in Sydney so this sort of "customer service" is even more difficult to comprehend. If you have no social skills, you shouldn't own a service business and you certainly shouldn't be the first person people interact with upon entering.

    From what I saw, the gym is nothing special. It's very basic. Gym goers are perhaps a bit more serious than the average chain, though you'd find the same high level of commitment elsewhere.
  • DBrady Newbie   1 review
    They don't have a water fountain for members and the staff have been instructed not to fill members bottles from the tap behind the front counter either. You're expected to pay for it!

    All the equipment is old and decrepit. They won't even splash out on some WD40 to keep them running smoothly. The place is just plain dirty too.

    It basically just feels like they're trying to squeeze as much money out of it as they can before it's closed down. Save your money and look elsewhere.
  • QuickBoy Newbie   1 review
    Great people. Affordable. Some of the custom equipment stuff is great.
    Convenient for students at Sydney Uni like me.
  • Ordnung   3 reviews
    Easy going gym with great boxing classes... from Chris Kirby if they are still running. Membership reasonable, good facilities and not snobby at all. If you just want to get fit and don't care about chic, this is a good choice

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