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"Pain is temporary, but failure lasts a lifetime."

BFit is here to help change the fitness industry for the better. Show people how to train, eat and live a healthy productive lifestyle. To many lies, mediocre personal trainers, false leading gimmicks and supplements out there. Bfit is here to set the record straight.

Bfit is about working with people towards a healthy and educated lifestyle. I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years and working as a personal trainer for 6 of them. Now with my knowledge people can follow the proper path in regards to their health and fitness goals. Without wasting their time and money following the wrong paths in regards to getting real long lasting results.

Bfit is about the people and not about me or some greedy corporate gym or some misleading supplement company. 

NEVER SETTLE FOR A SECOND RATE TRAINER. It will only lead you to second rate results.

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  • Dee Mitri Newbie   1 review
    Being diagnosed with a disease called Sj√?¬∂gren's syndrome, I am unable to function day to day activities without taking steroids to move.
    Thanks to Bruno's Fitness, Bruno's training sessions ables me to function without the need of being heavily medicated and that's only from a months work so far!
    Thanks Bruno, it has been hard work but amazing results!
  • Vaibhav Ki Newbie   1 review
    Bruno knows the best, you name it he plays. He is jack of all super athlete has a great training experience he being a natural has achieved a lot what unnatural athletes could not. so if your in Australia and wanting to get fit Bruno's Fitness is the word
  • Ana Wares Newbie   1 review
    Brunos Fitness has a very friendly personable feel to it. Bruno makes you feel comfortably immediately and I found the session to be challenging, fun and extremely rewarding. I would recommend Brunos Fitness to anyone looking to start a fitness regime, lose weight and even for those who already have a training programme. I give Brunos Fitness a 5+ rating and look forward to hearing of others success training with Bruno.
  • Euan Clark Newbie   1 review
    I highly recommend Bruno's Fitness, I have known Bruno personally for quite some time and he has provided me with the support, knowledge and encouragement to turn my fitness dreams into a reality, Bruno is a step above the rest, his methods are tried and tested, his prices are very cheap and affordable, especially so for the quality training you're getting into.

    Believe me, you owe it to yourself to give Bruno a fair go, you can easily afford his prices. I'm a 1st year locksmith, if I can so can you. You get serious bang for your buck. Within the first week of training with Bruno I could barely walk! And finally, what makes Bruno the best of the rest, he's an honest, straight forward guy that won't sell you worthless supplements or incur lock in fees, it's all flexible, it's all good at Bruno's Fitness!

    Thanks for all you've done and continue to do Bruno, Australia's lucky to have you.
  • Eric Taiat Newbie   1 review
    Bfitness! What can I say?! The boy bruno knows what he is talking about! I train with him on a weekly basis... mma, strength and conditioning is just a few things that we go through during my training fitness and performance have improved immensely! Dont be scared!!! Bfit!! Wana get results fast? Hit up my boy bruno! :) no regrets I gurantee! Get to it!!!
  • Alicia Kah Newbie   1 review
    Following a back injury, I attempted to return to my gym after 6 months of recovery to try and regain my fitness and lose some weight. Every visit would cause me severe back pain even whilst applying an exercise plan developed by a PT. I then started making excuses and would regularly avoid going to the gym.

    I then met Bruno randomly at the local park and explained my situation. Bruno assured he could help me strengthen my core and lower back to alleviate my injury and achieve my fitness and weight loss goals.

    Since joining Bfit 2 months ago, I've lost 5kgs, reduced my body fat by 8% and most importantly I no longer experience back pain! I feel healthy, fit and toned all thanks to Bruno and his wealth of experience and knowledge. I've never felt so challenged and motivated to train.
    I absolutely love the bfit group sessions as you feel as though you're part of a family where everyone encourages one another.

    I am so grateful for Bruno's support and being part of Bfit!
  • Taz H Newbie   1 review
    Bruno is great trainer and is world renowned for his skills and unique techniques towards fitness. He is an excellent 'out of the box' thinker who is able to customize a workout plan that will enable you to attain your maximum potential, gain confidence and meet then excel passed your goals!
  • Danny Whir Newbie   1 review
    Long story short, you want to be fit, you want to be lean, you want endurance, you want proper diet plans, you want to sweat, go see Bruno. I've know him for four years and some of his advice has open my my eyes to new ways of training.
  • Monica N Newbie   1 review
    I've been training with Bruno for only 3 short weeks now, but I've truly already seen results a lot quicker in this short span of time, compared to the 4 months I was seeing a personal trainer. I've never been pushed and challenged as hard as I have with Bruno's training sessions, but the results are all worth it. Training with Bruno is not like training with someone who will ask you for a few repetitions and just stare at you. He commits 150% to every single training session, and pushes himself as much as he pushes the rest of us. Quite frankly he deserves greater recognition for what he does. Our training group is excellent too, in 3 weeks I've truly become part of a new family, and have never felt so much support and encouragement from a group of people. Reaching my goals has never seemed so achievable until now. I can't thank you enough Bruno!!
  • Nathaniel R Rogic Newbie   1 review
    Bruno helped me lose 43lbs in six months! He thought me the missing links in the way I eat! Bruno also changed my workout to a more efficient program for what I needed. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was very demanding Bruno knew how to balance out the weightlifting just right to optimize efficiency for both aspects of training! My training was more enjoyable overall and Bruno won a gold medal the first time he competed in a bjj tournament! With a truly athletic state of being he achieved it his dedication and work ethic! I miss training with him I live in Vancouver BC! Your lucky to have him in Australia so take advantage if his time and knowledge! Thank you Bruno!
  • Corinne Gr   2 reviews
    BFit is 5 star training. Whether you choose group training or one-on-one training with Bruno himself, you get an intense workout. I have been doing group training for 3 mths and my fitness level has increased dramatically. I have also had the opportunity to train with Bruno and the sessions are one in a million. If you want results and an amazing atmosphere, you must consider BFit!
  • joey.sande   2 reviews
    best training i have ever done, i go to the gym and cant get the results i get from training from bfit, i've done boot camps and cross-fit and they still cant push me enough and as good as bfit.
  • Oliver Rof Newbie   1 review
    Great trainer! Did a workout with him. I was sore for a whole week. His full body workouts are crazy!!!!
  • Dave Guida Newbie   1 review
    "As good as it gets, the best!" Could not say it anymore better. :) Great work Bruno and thanks for you help in L.A. Can't wait to have you again in America. Have a safe trip back home to Australia.
  • Sol Rosenb Newbie   1 review
    Overall rating Excellent
    Trustworthy Excellent
    Responsive Excellent
    Knowledgeable Excellent
    Kept me informed Excellent
    I recommend BFIT / BrunosFITness
    I used Bruno Jukic as my personal trainer.
  • MAIssa Newbie   1 review
    I was a client of Brunos for 18 months (between June 2009-January 2012) and during this period found him to be a very pleasant, generous person who was never afraid to take on a challenging task Myself being a prime example.

    Before meeting Bruno my fitness levels were poor, at best. Unner his guidance I not only improved my wellbeing and exercise techniques to levels I never imagined possible, but I gained an unquantifiable confidence in my ability to do so.

    Brunos knowledge of training techniques, exercise science and general fitness requirements are the best I have ever encountered. His communication skills and ability to motivate his clients in order to obtain the best results are exceptional.

    Brunos passion for fitness is contagious. His sessions were always full of energy, enthusiasm and fun and as a consequence I was able to achieve results I was proud of.

    While his on the job performance has been superb, Bruno also became a close friend. He is a great person, his kindness beyond question, and it was a pleasure and honour to be trained by him

    Thank you for everything, more than you will ever know
  • Benjamin15 Newbie   1 review
    He taught me how and when l should eat, as that is where most all your results come from! Bruno as a trainer will explain what you are doing and why, so some day you can do this on your own. Bruno makes your workout realistic for your lifestyle, such as 3x/week for 40-50minnot 5x/wk for 1 hour (which not many people will keep up with)


    Its money well spent. I don't regret it at all. In a matter of months he taught me things that would take me years to learn on my own. I highly recommend BFIT.

  • Mike Moniz Newbie   1 review
    Great work Bruno! You really have developed a great fitness system. I never knew the true meaning of sports strength and conditioning till I meet you. Know I have become the person who is training the hardest whether its at the gym or at practice. Bruno has shown me the way to really get the most I can out of myself.
  • Andre Jones Newbie   1 review
    If you enjoy a real life challenge while gaining long term results, then BFit workouts should be a part of your lifestyle. If not, no sweat. Bruno can even adapt your workout if you dont enjoy any of the particular workouts. Bruno also tracks your progress and helps you see how far youve come in a short space of time. Bruno really gets your blood pumping. The endorphins released will give you a real boost of energy and happiness each time the workout is through. You will hate him when he trains you, but you will love him when the sessions are over.
  • Aaron Nesbit Newbie   1 review
    "Amazing trainer, excellent service and the best personal training in town!" Bruno never fails to please. I took my friends with me for my first session. My friends were overjoyed. They could not get over the how hard and challenging the sessions where. Me and 3 of my friends will never look at resistance bands the same way again. Our legs where sore for days. Bruno thank you. I look forward to more sessions to come.

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