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Patient, Professional And Enjoyable Lessons

Serving the Northern Beaches we cover the Manly, Warriewood & Frenchs Forest Test Centers. Specialising is nervous drivers.
Stress free lessons tailored to individual needs.

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  • petra8 Newbie   1 review
    We were so lucky a friend recommended Trudy to us. She is so calm, friendly and reliable - we couldn't have found a better instructor. We will recommend her to many more friends.

    3 months ago - 21/12/2014

  • Vayra29 Newbie   1 review
    I would like to recommend buddies driving school especially Trudy. As she's very honest, friendly, and optimistic person. I have tried different driving school but Trudy is the only one who made me feel comfortable. She give really good advice and make you trust yourself that you can do it. I got my driving licence today. And I am really grateful for Trudy's patience and understanding.

    4 months ago - 20/11/2014

  • LainW Newbie   1 review
    I would absolutely recommend truly to anyone. For many years I have felt anxious and nervous about the thought of driving and it has held me back countless times. Truldy was very encouraging, patient, friendly and made me fell comfortable and not at all self conscious or embarrassed. I passed my test last week first time and I can't thank her enough!

    4 months ago - 17/11/2014

  • Dalmatinka   3 reviews
    I would like to thank and recommend Trudy from Buddies Driving School.

    From the moment I spoke to Trudy on the phone to the driving lesson, she was very friendly, helpful and full of knowledge. I received my drivers licence a few days after my lesson with Trudy. I believe it was with Trudy's expertise and guidance behind me that helped me pass my driving test.

    Thanks so much Trudy, you could not be recommended highly enough!

    4 months ago - 05/11/2014

  • georgiaf Newbie   1 review
    Trudy is a fabulous driving instructor! I passed my P's test today with flying colours and I could not have done it without her! She is an extremely kind and patient instructor and targeted areas that I had problems with. I now feel that I am a much better and safer driver because of Trudy and am more confident to drive by myself. I would definitely recommend her services as she is a fantastic instructor and will improve your driving tenfold!

    6 months ago - 22/09/2014

  • isryan Newbie   1 review
    Trudy is an absolutely amazing driving instructor that I would highly recommend for anyone interested in taking lessons. Today I passed my P driving test on my first time because of Trudy's patient, insightful, kind, caring and encouraging nature. She really focused on the areas I wasn't confident and ultimately aimed to boost my confidence and help me to be a safe driver! She gives great feedback and breaks down the finer points into easier steps to ensure you can approach them with confidence. I could not recommend anyone higher. Thank you Trudy

    6 months ago - 11/09/2014

  • jfoxwood Newbie   1 review
    Trudy is an absolutely fantastic instructor- extremely patient, kind, insightful and competent. She has a wealth of knowledge about the local area and is very encouraging when you are feeling anxious or when you lack confidence in your driving abilities. I couldn't recommend her more highly!

    7 months ago - 20/08/2014

  • Georgia C Newbie   1 review
    Trudy was an amazing driving instructor! She taught me how to drive from the basics and I always felt comfortable driving with her. Today I passed my P's test on my birthday thanks to her, she also helped my brother pass his P's first time. She is a lovely person and knows all the tips and tricks to make you a safe driver, would 100% recommend her to anyone and am so grateful for all her help!

    9 months ago - 13/06/2014

  • Jaya. N Newbie   1 review
    I would highly recommend Trudy! She is an excellent driving instructor.With my personal experience, I can assure she is one of the best instructor I have met.She focussed on the areas I needed to improve and taught me with her great tips.Thanks Trudy, for all your support , I passed my driving test. I am not just a driver but a confident driver just because of you.

    9 months ago - 05/06/2014

  • FarrahJ Newbie   1 review
    I would highly recommend Trudy! She has been a great help. Comfortable to be with and very patient and calm. she helped me build my confidence in driving. She has great driving skills and tips! I hated driving because of my past experience from my first instructor but when I started lessons with Trudy, I loved driving since then. Thanks heaps Trudy!

    10 months ago - 30/04/2014

  • Emelie1 Newbie   1 review
    I would highly recommend Trudy! She is an amazing driving instructor. She's friendly and patient and really focuses on what's important. I am 17 and couldn't have asked for a better instructor! I felt comfortable which made driving enjoyable. Thanks to Trudy I passed the first time and couldn't be happier! So thank you Trudy!
  • Skye! Newbie   1 review
    I would highly recommend Trudy, i went thought two driving instructors before I found Trudy she taught me great tips and skills and built my confidence to a high level. Trudy always has a positive support and smile she is one of the best driving instructors on the Northern beaches. She is very patient and understanding and always willing to help you out and give you feedback. I felt relaxed and comfortable when driving with Trudy. Thankyou so much Trudy.
  • Suz C Newbie   1 review
    Trudy is Fantastic! I felt instantly at ease from my first lesson, Trudy is patient, friendly calm and extremely knowledgeable, she really focused on the areas I needed to work on all the while praising my strengths and giving me confidence. Under Trudy's tuition I passed first time and I am ecstatic! Thank you Trudy.
  • bellahyslop Newbie   1 review
    Trudy is by far the best driving instructor on the northern beaches! She is so calm, encouraging and supportive and almost guarantees a first time pass as she is most definitely not after your money. Trudy will not send you for your driving test unless she knows you are ready and will be very supportive on the day. Thank you Trudy i am now a very confident driver.
  • ANN CAIN Newbie   1 review
    I highly recommend Trudy as a driving instructor. Calm, patient approach to teaching instantly puts you at ease. After several attempts at driving with other instructors Trudy got me through first go!! Thank you Trudy.
  • Theresa Fuller Newbie   1 review
    I highly recommend Trudy as a driving instructor. Trudy taught my son and daughter aged eighteen years of age to drive and pass their test first time with 99% . Trudy was always worked with integrity and only gave lessons that were necessary to ensure both teenagers became confident and competent drivers. Thankyou Trudy!
  • Sally Garman Newbie   1 review
    I highly recommend Trudy as a driving instructor. Trudy taught my teenage daughter and son how to drive safely and competently. Both passed their tests first time, one with 100% and the other 98%. Trudy is calm, relaxed and overwhelmingly positive.Thank you for giving them such a great start, Trudy!
  • Sophie Stewart Newbie   2 reviews
    I highly recommend Trudy as a driving instructor! I migrated to Sydney recently from overseas with no prior driving experience. After frustrated experience with another driving school, I fortunately found Trudy through personal recommendation. After taking lessons with Trudy over the past couple of months, I past my P driving test at my first attempt with strong result! Trudy is very professional. She tailored her teaching to suit my driving capability and progress, and delivered it in a structured way. I improved quickly under her guidance. What I like about Trudys teaching style:
    - She not only taught me what to do, but more importantly why to do
    - She was calm and patient, building up my capability and confidence
    - She taught me to be a safe and responsible driver
    Under my recommendation, my step-daughter, who already completed her required driving hours, decided to take some lessons with Trudy before going for her driving test last week. My step-daughter also past her P driving test in her first attempt, with very strong result! Thank you Trudy!!
  • LauraPB Newbie   1 review
    I highly recommend Trudy as a driving instructor, she gave me the confidence to drive in a safely manner. I passed my test in the first attempt with a very high mark and before the birth of my son. Thanks Trudy !
  • Valentinajane   3 reviews
    I had lessons with Trudy she was patient and very professional . got my licience first go . Best in Sydney !!!!!
  • JobeWilliams Newbie   1 review
    Trudy is an excellent driving instructor. The expertise of her lessons provide learner drivers with sensible driving technique and more importantly real road awareness.

    In my lessons with Trudy she prepared me not only to pass the RTA's provisional license test (which I did perfectly the first time) but also to always be a confident, assertive and responsible driver. I feel my lessons with Trudy are invaluable for the abilities, habits and skill she instills that I know will keep all my travels safe.
  • Peter & Eva Newbie   1 review
    We could not recommend Trudy more highly as a driving instructor for school age teens. She successfully took both our kids from fledgling shaky recruits and produced two calm, careful, competent "P" platers that we are proud to be driven by. Trudy has a keen understanding of the young adult psyche and seems to know how to present the tasks at hand in a way that these highly strung adults just "get it!" We genuinely feel that their instruction has been methodical and thorough and feel very lucky to have had our guys under her guidance. We are indebted to a kindly neighbour who also had 3 teenagers that had total success with Trudy's Driving School. Thank you again for your professional personal help! Peter & Eva
  • JordanMcSwiney Newbie   1 review
    At 19 years old, I had put off doing my driving test nearly my entire gap year due to a fear of driving and although I had previously had lessons with other driving schools, it wasn't until my lessons with Buddies Driving School that I was finally able to. Their professionalism, clear and coherent lesson structure and friendly attitude gave me the confidence and skills I needed to go for and pass my test.
  • AoiferBrennan Newbie   1 review
    I tried two different driving schools before I found Buddies Driving School. The lessons I had with other instructors did not teach me anything, they basically just drove around with me and did not correct me so I did not feel like I was learning. I was relieved when I met Trudy as she is very clear, she has very clear professional boundaries, is very knowledgeable in her field, explains any mistakes well and was very patient with me. I am a mature learner so I was very nervous but I passed on my first go with 98% :-). I would highly recommend Trudy and Buddies Driving School to anyone who actually wants to learn how to drive well!
  • mathewsj Newbie   1 review
    i have had lessons with other schools and they dont add up to buddies, Trudy gave me so much confidence and i passed my test first go! i have been on my L's for years and couldnt get past my almost fear of driving! Trudy is patient and calms you down while very good at explaining things. Thank you Trudy!
  • Japara Newbie   1 review
    It took me years to pluck up the courage to learn to drive and take my test. I am considered a very mature learner. Trudy was a fantastic instructor. She was totally calm and patient. The knowledge she passed onto me made me feel for the first time ever that I could visualize taking my test and actually drive on my own. I could not recommend her more highly and I am now the proud owner of P Plates.
  • n.appleby Newbie   1 review
    I highly recommend this driving school to anyone looking for an instructor. I'd tried a number of instructors and no one came close to providing the level of service or knowledge that Trudy did. Incidentally, she was my final instructor as with her guidance I passed my test with flying colours.
  • dgoodall Newbie   1 review
    The results speak for themselves, Trudys Driving School is easily the best driving school on the Northern Beaches!

    Trudy had quite the challenge with me, a nervous driver, who when I first came to her had 6 weeks in which to get my license before moving overseas. Having had lessons before without result, I was skeptical about the benefits but Trudy made the experience so easy and comfortable. She broke down everything aspect of driving in to simple easily interpreted steps and has such a patient soothing manner that you always feel completely at ease and in control.

    Needless to say, 4 weeks after beginning lessons with Trudy, I went for my Ps and PASSED!!!

    Obviously each case is different and there are no guarantees that your experience will mirror mine but why would you even bother wasting another moment waiting to finding out?! Do yourself a favour and call Trudy now, you wont be disappointed!

    Thank you Trudy!!!
  • Kaori Newbie   1 review
    Trudy is really a wonderful teacher! For more than 20 years, I was "paper driver" (has a license, but never drive) as I was confused about driving. Her clear advice in what to do, or what not to do, gave me confidence that I could drive if I follow the steps she gave me.
    After a few lessons, I found myself feeling much more confident and actually driving my own car! This is a miracle for me--Trudy is a miracle worker in driving!!

  • beri5348   2 reviews
    Trudy was a brilliant teacher. Calm, with extensive knowledge and was able to answer even the most obscure driving questions. Took me from L plates to a successful first attempt at P's in just over four weeks.

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