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  • R_E_V_I_E_W_E_R_1 Local Star   431 reviews
    Just had the unfortunate experience of visiting this Bunnings store.... We needed some storage shelves and attachments for a hanging rod for a new closet. In a store with seemingly abundant staff no one seems to want to help!

    Firstly the shelves- after being told the isle (because it seems there is a policy of not actually taking customers to items) we decided we needed some advice about available sizes. We were able to lure an attendant to the shelving section and only to find he had no idea about the range! We ended up choosing some shelves we are happy with, but would have preferred a slightly different size which they probably stocked, but which we couldn't locate!!

    Now for the railing. Another attendant said: Isle 35. We were obviously unsure but there was no offer to accompany us so off we went solo. No luck in Isle 35. Luckily there were two more staff members talking just a few meters away. We were pointed to the end of a next door isle. We said 'where?', they said 'there'... Still unsure we asked again to be answered with more pointing. I suppose they were having a nice chat and didn't want to be bothered by customers! We located the correct section, maybe 5m from where the two staff continued to stand talking. Unable to find the exact part we needed we had to again interrupt their conversation to request more help. This time one man actually came over with us (after we explicitly requested he come as show us) found the part and, as an added extra, commented that it was 'just there as I said'.

    Quite annoyed, we asked ANOTHER staff member if we could please talk to the supervisor to complain. Staff was very rude and basically walked off- definitely not assisting us in speaking with the supervisor. At the checkout, we asked again to speak to the supervisor. But after many attempts to call supervisor, and request to meet us at the counter over the loud system, it seemed supervisor was not around. It was suggested that we leave some feedback via the feedback form at the front of the store or online (or at least they thought we could leave some feedback online).

    So thanks Bunnigs Belrose.... We spent $400 at your store and it seemed assisting us in anyway was an awful chore. It was very disappointing that management was so unavailable. I will definitely be following up with a direct complaint.
  • mumsrite Local Star   193 reviews
    Who would have thought that a hardware store would carry such an extensive range of products, ranging to screws and bolts of different makes and sizes to laundry and gardening needs, building materials to home appliances? Not my vision of a general hardware store until I set foot into a Bunnings store, in particular at Belrose where staff are always approachable and helpful.

    I'd like to mention especially the team members at the paint department. They went through great length to help me tweak a paint colour that had already been formulated to suit the colour theme of my property. I truly couldn't be more impressed with their patience, their understanding of the customers' needs, and most of all, their knowledge in their field! Superb, just superb!
  • mins Local Star   422 reviews
    I have just discovered that you can buy here your sheets of timber and also get them cut to size. This is every girls dream - who doesn't have a tool box. Thanks to this ability I now have new shelves in my bathroom vanity and bedroom cupboard.


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