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Reviews of Bunnings

  • Wanted to ask about a plant i was looking for. Took a long time to get someone and they didn't know what they were talking about. The two girls at the register were chatting while serving me. Sigh.. not a positive experience.
  • Great store and usually what I need is in stock. There are a couple of staff members who I try to avoid though due to poor service...
  • Very impressed by this Bunnings. So much stock and the staff were so friendly and helpful. I had a bit of a list and one staff helped me find all. I hope my plants grow as well as this store is staffed. Great prices with such variety. I will be going here again soon :) cheers
  • Diane R Local Star 528 reviews
    Visted this outlet on the weekend, and, I must say I was very impressed! They had a *throw out* table in the gardening section of pots, seedling and other odds and ends, I came out with a trolley load of goodies, but, spent very little. The staff were very helpful, and if they have these *throw out* tables regularly, I'll be back again! Huge, well stocked and a great place to browse .

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