Burwood Bird And Animal Hospital

Burwood, VIC

Bird vet Melbourne - is a veterinary clinic treating birds and pets in the community for more than 20 years. The bird veterinarian and experienced dog and cat vets are open 7 day

Experienced dog vet, cat vet and bird vet in Burwood, Melbourne. Veterinarians with post graduate degrees in dog and cat medicine, dentistry and surgery. Personal service open 7 days. Bird vet specialist veterinary clinic in operation. Bird products available. Premium dog food and cat food available. Deworming, heartworm prevention and flea products available. Dr Pat Macwhirter and Dr Phil Sacks and Associates. 
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Reviews of Burwood Bird And Animal Hospital

  • techwrath Pet Lover 21 reviews
    it was so cute to see how they treat animals. thumbs up
  • We were very happy with the service and experience of the Vets. Got a free liver treat for my dog and a Easter egg for myself at the reception. Dr Phil is good with our Parrot and Dog. Highly recommend . ONe of the few bird vets in Melbourne
  • One of the few specialist avian (bird) vet clinics in Melbourne. The vets and other staff are friendly, caring and understanding (though they can also be very straightforward!).

    We've had great advice, and they also have a huge range of bird accessories (toys, foods etc), as well as goodies for cats and dogs too.

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