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  • R_E_V_I_E_W_E_R_1 Local Star   660 reviews
    This is a good store. It is a little out of the way which is both a pro and a con. For example, if you are at Westfield shops it is annoying to walk out of the center and all the way down to the store (long ago, pre renovations, it was located in the actual shopping complex which was very convenient) but if you arent already at Westfield you can avoid the hassle of center car parks, crowds e.t.c. and go straight there! The premise is large and they provide a good range of pet care products. I have always been happy with the level of service.
  • SamToucan   3 reviews
    I am extremely happy with this pet store and I go there all the time. I sometimes even take my pet!! The shop has many great products and the staff are truely lovely, very helpful people.
  • Deni Willi Newbie   1 review
    This shop and the people in it are very very helpful and id recomend to any and every pet owner.
    Thank you pet mart.
  • avdmade Newbie   1 review
    Staff is always friendly and more than eager to assist if needed. Always a positive experience when we visit this pet store.
  • nkdjw Newbie   1 review
    The staff there are SOOOO RUDE i can not explain how rude. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND DO NOT GO TO THIS SHOP!!!!!!!! They don't even deserve a half a star should be minus a billion stars!!
    • SaritaJoan  
      I'm surprised at this comment as they've always been friendly and helpful when I've gone in. The staff are very knowledgable as well.


    • avdmade Newbie 
      I am also very surprised at your negative experience. We've visited the store many times and have never had any problems. If anything, I would say this was most likely a one off incident.


    • racdean Newbie 
      I also can't understand this comment at all. The staff here are always so helpful. Very unfair remarks!!


    • Helennw Newbie 
      I agree with this review. I went there with my daughter to get some help on her fish tank which was leaking. The staff there did not believe her and requested for her to bring it back. So we drove all the way home and emptied the salt water fish tank, which is very risky as the fish and coral are very sensitive to different conditions. We brought it back they said it would be 3hr of testing to see if it leaks. Waiting for these 3hr the coral started to die and we tried everything to maintain its normal condition but nope $400 worth of coral died. When we went back the staff told my daughter that it was not leaking, but it obviously was. I asked the staff if they could replace it under warranty and after a while to much disagreement they replaced it with a new one which they practically threw out of the box took everything that was in to box including the filter and told us to leave and never come back.
      She is only 9 and she cried the way home.

      5 months ago - 02/11/2014

  • SaritaJoan   73 reviews
    Great pet shop in Hornsby! They don't sell cats or dogs (which is only a good thing), but have all your pet supplies as well as small animals and fish. The staff are very knowledgeable and clearly love helping you look after your pet(s) in the best possible way.

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