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Reviews of Cafe Conti

  • Great cafe. Always a great spot for brekky on Sunday mornings but get in early, it's popular. I have eaten there many times and the winter hot pot is a favourite. Coffee is good but varies depending on barista.
  • Absolutely have the best coffee in Brisbane! Faultless and delicious. Also do fabulous breakfasts (all day on weekend which is awesome). If you are after great coffee give this place a try!
  • bmurray225 Local Star 603 reviews
    The food and service at Cafe Conti was great. Parking was good and some are available behind the cafe. Pricing for the dinner as good and a good size for the meal.
  • Cafe Conti does exceptional breakfasts. Any other meal is unfortunately a miss. Service is good and coffee is delish. Dog's are welcome too.
  • We have been going to Cafe Conti for a little while, mainly because there isn't a lot of choice in Wilston. We have had a few average meals there but I've gone back because it is BYO and convenient. However after last night, we will never go back! The service has always been average, the food not great and pricy, the coffee terrible but last night my Risotto is disappointing. It took ages to attract the attention of the staff, my partner sat there while his steak went cold. I eventually went inside to tell someone. I was offered an apology and a replacement meal, but I didn't want the fish again. We decided to leave, we were a bit fed up with the service at this point. The chef didn't come out, we were not offered a free drink or anything in fact. We paid for our entrees and drinks and left. I'm annoyed at myself for giving the place so many chances. I think the chef should have come out and apologized at the very least. Wilston is in dire need of a quality establishment that offers BYO wine.
  • I always go to cafe conti for breakfast as a treat for me and my partner. The prices are a little high but the meals definitely are worth it. The staff are always super friendly and helpful. My only tip would either be to hire a professional trained barista or drop your coffee prices because they are really bad!! I never order coffee when I come here as I'm always disappointed my partner would normally order a takeaway coffee after breakfast but we get takeaways from other Venus we know we will enjoy. We love this restaurant and will go back.
  • We dined at Cafe Conti last night. The food was great and the service was great. We will be back
  • I think it's a case of slim pickings of dining options in Wilston as to why this business is still in operation! We have dined there on multiple occasions for breakfast and while the food is OK - it's nothing special - especially for the prices charged. The service is very average at best, however there are a couple of staff members that are always pleasant and helpful. The rest are rude and couldn't be further from helpful. We dined in for dinner this week and based on that experience - will never be eating or drinking there again. Having ordered an eye fillet and a serve of pumpkin and spinach gnocchi, we were served our meals after about a half hour wait (it was a Monday night and they weren't very busy). I am not sure where the cook was trained, however what was served was NOT gnocchi. What was served were about four baseball sized 'dumplings' sitting in sauce. Cutting in to what was supposed to be gnocchi - we realised it was little more than fried pumpkin bread with spinach in the sauce it sat in. Dry, tasteless, disappointing and - not what was described on the menu. If the cook wanted to do his or her own spin on the dish - perhaps it should have been called something else. The meal was completely inedible and when we asked an older waiter for a look at the menu again (with the plate pushed to the side) he didn't ask why and barely walked close enough to fling the menu over to us behind his back. We ended up sharing the steak and leaving very unimpressed. When we were standing near the counter to pay our bill, a staff member was settling another bill and didn't even acknowledge us. When he finally looked up at us - he did not utter a single word but instead started waiving the printed bill toward us to get our attention. When we said "hello - how are you", he replied with "I've removed the gnocchi from the bill". If he had handled that moment differently - he could have potentially salvaged the situation, however based on how incredibly rude and disrespectful he was, we will NEVER set foot in that place again. What chance does a HOSPITALITY business have if they have Buckley's idea of what being hospitable means! From our various experiences there I can honestly say that that place is amateur hour.
  • Dined last night (Wed) with five friends, arrived with no res and was greeted by a young man who happily pulled tables together to cater for us. Great menu choices and they even allowed us to make many changes to what was offered with their 'fish of the day'. It was quite busy but we were well serviced. The wine and meals were excellent and we were made to feel very comfortable. The meals were exactly as described and any request was met with a pleasant helpfullness. Nothing was a problem and they even allowed our friends to young us for coffee after our meals were complete. We enjoyed the night and i think the staff enjoyed our company. Most entertaining. I will obviously return.
  • Perfect is the only word I can use to describe our dining experience at Cafe Conti. It is the perfect blend of fine dinning and homestyle food, and all a little fancy. Price and menu were spot on and the service we received made us feel like royalty. I love a resturant with hands on owners, and we were lucky enough to meet Conti's, who I noticed tested all diners as VIPs.
    If you are looking for the perfect place to enjoy great food, Cafe Conti is the place for you! And do yourself a favor, order the peanut butter ice-cream pie for dessert... Bliss!!
  • rands4035 Foodie 59 reviews
    Whilst the food was lovely, I went there for breakfast this morning and was absolutely appalled by their service. Was completely ignored by one waiter three times (no, they did hear me - just chose to ignore me). When I finally got them to speak with me they were very rude about seating me (as I had two guests still to arrive). Told him I would wait for an outside table. Wasn't even offered a coffee or water whilst I was waiting. Finally a table cleared so I grabbed a nearby waitress and said I was waiting for a table and whether I could have the one that was becoming available. She said she would have to go inside and check that a bigger party didn't need it (there was no one else but me waiting!). She never came back. I checked inside and saw her plating coffees. I was gobsmacked. Luckily a lovely blonde waitress noted my distress and saved the day by giving me fabulous service (which was lucky, as it was my mothers birthday - had she not come along the whole meal would have been ruined!). Unfortunately our drink order with breakfast never arrived, but as I said, food was great, and we did have oj and water. I did let the cashier know about what happened when I went to pay, but their reaction was " at least we got it right in the end!" No apology or anything. Unfortunatly despite the lovely field mushroom breakfast, there is NO WAY I will ever come back.
  • Rang to book and was pleased to hear that outside tables were not being used due to the high chance of rain. We arrived and were ushered in to a nice corner table with plenty of room around it. Paintings and other art on the walls made it a pleasant place to wait for our orders which came promptly. The menu (not overly Italian) and wine list were not extensive but complemented each other well and most wines were available by the glass. When they arrived, the main courses were well presented and of a good size. Food quality was good. Desserts were limited to four items, three of which were chosen and eaten to the last crumb!! Coffee was of good quality and real tea was provided (not tea bags). Waiters were smiling, pleasant, knew their menu and were unobtrusive. The bill was reasonable at $180.00 for four including some drinks. All in all a pleasant little restaurant with good food at reasonable prices, albeit a little noisy when full.
  • Great for breakfast or brunch, really good coffee.
  • You would think being across the road from a Coffee Club would dampen down customers wanting coffee from here but it is worth crossing over & being served Cafe Conti's cup of Dibella coffee.
    While it's not the greatest coffee in Brisbane(why cafe's in this age of coffee culture still refuse to get a trained Barista in is beyond me) it is marginally better than what is on offer at most Wilston establishments.
    Food menu is rather good with seasonal offerings and the famous breakfast menu caters for the gluten-intolerant aswell, always a pleasure to see a cafe going out of its way to please customers.
    While the service is prompt it is sometimes a little rushed, ending up with me on this occasion receiving blueberry instead of strawberry & white chocolate muffins-not that fresh either and one sometimes feels that if you are there for just a coffee you somehow aren't as important as those ordering main meals.
    No sign to clearly direct customers to the bathroom either but overall, good.
  • Beautiful food and great location with outdoor seats to soak up the beautiful weather and watch the streetscape.
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