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Reviews of Cairns 24 Hour Medical Centre

  • Great business, always open when others are not. Due to that and generally attending when the other places are shut, you will never get the same doctor. Presenting without an appointment can take a while to move from the waiting room to the doctor. Even with an appointment (during daylight hours from my experience anyway) they are usually running behind by about half an hour.
    Considering they bulk bill without an extra charge for most things, and if you are happy to wait I would recommend them. All the doctors Ive seen have all been pleasant and friendly, the staff behind the counter have always been nice and friendly too. Very happy with their service.
  • A bulk billing Medical Centre in Cairns open 24 hours, 7 days a week, in other country areas unheard of. Granted you may have to wait, however if you ring ahead and make an appointment you might find the waiting time a little less, doesn't the fact that you have to wait indicate how valuable the service is, it is a very busy place. Not many country city regions have a facility that are open these hours and bulk bill, only the hospital is open at midnight. Have you tried seeing your own GP after hours? I would like to say people need to understand yes it will be busy, especially when all other Drs are closed, however when you need urgent medical treatment and it is someone you care about or even yourself, hey it might be worth waiting that bit of time to see the Dr, you will wait a lot longer at the local hospital. Please support the service being provided, rather than 'bagging it' people, one day you might be grateful they have saved a life that couldn't wait until the next day or for the hospital to see them. Keep up the service 24 Hour, the majority of us appreciate it.
  • Very happy with the service at the 24 Hour, always available 24/7!
  • Highly recommend the Cairns 24 Hour Medical Centre!! Open 24/7 and excellence staff/doctors.
  • I had an odd patch on my skin for 15 years and had been misdiagnosed by dozens of doctors before Dr Siva thought to take a biopsy and discovered it was cancer.

    On occasion I've had to see other doctors, and with only one exception, they have been fantastic.

    To the people complaining that other patients go in before them - you DO realise that you can make appointments, right? And that many, many people do?

    Due to my conditiom, I am in there a lot, and the staff deserve praise for not going insane with all the rudeness they encounter.
  • They don't what they are doing..........No management.......you asked them how long it going to take......recorded answer 2 peoples in front of you...............you go there with appointment or without,you have to wait..........i just hate them.......i took my 6 months old baby there for vaccination yesterday..with appointment....waited for 1 hour...saw doctor and said they can't do vaccination coz they are running 1hour late ...come tomorrow ....another appointment for today 12.45pm.....today my wife took our baby for vaccination...same old thing...waited for 15 mins after appointment....doctor checked baby for 6 months checkup....then they took baby to see nurse....nurse was on 1/2 hour lunch break.....

    i will request everyone don't go there .....LET THEM DO THERE OWN CHECK UPS FIRST BEFORE THEY WILL DO OUR.......SORRY 24hrs very disappointed
  • i went today, i told the doctor i had Google side effect of my medication, then since doctor was running late..... doctor told me i had the expertise, because i went on Google.. how sad is this... and this is the last resort because dial a doctor are too long...(3 hours + ) sometimes but they generally very quick

    i thought this was very rude, doctor even said i will send you to the hospital because i don't have the expertise for this or any of my colleague... i felt pushed out since dcotor was running late (40minutes on appointment)
  • Hi,I am very satisfied from the 24hour medical service ,we can say we are lucky to have this service in the city as I have heard it is not available all around the Australia ,since I arrived in Australia I like to go 24 medical centre and my family too,but after few years I have mixed feeling for this service because of many reasons,first staff has been changed,large number of patients every time and have to wait for hours ,during wait mums can not feed their baby because there is no parent room .when I asked to a staff to feed baby ,staff was bit rude it was very disappointing me. but overall I will give 10 /10 score . Happy to get this service available for 24hrs 7days a week for me and family .cheers ..
  • With thanks.
    Would like to thank the Doctor and night staff member who looked after me when I came in with Asthma issues. I had not previously been to the Cairns 24 Hour Medical Centre for treatment, living on the southside of town and newer to the area, however I would definitely recommend the service, no doubt I would have waited for some time in the local hospital emergency dept, how great is it they open 24 hours a day! I was out of breath and even had trouble making it to the centre driving there on my own, however once presented I was taken for observation and put on the ventilator for treatment. It was quite scary for me and the staff member and Dr I dealt with were very caring and helpful.
  • I was there last night at 10.00 pm. There was only 4 people.
    And lady told me there is that there is three people in front of me.but atleast ten people went in before me. When ask the guy on reception at 11:30 that how far my turn is he told me still 2people in front of me I was having fever and really bad back pain it was really difficult for me to even sit there. But staff 24 hour only care about there friends. They keep sending there friends in first. There was Chinese girl who came from back and her fill up the paper work and she was look after by doctor in five minutes.finally I was not able to sit there and I had leave. Rubbish
    • Hi Gurjeet, I can feel your anger and your dissatisfaction at how poorly this practice performed. Take for example this staff, with poor customer service skills, showing no respect, no care or understanding. I do not want to come back to this practice especially having that staff. The attitude really disgusted me. Sorry 24 hr, am not coming back to your practice, it's your loss.
    • same i will never go back.

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