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McGuires pub in the Calamvale Hotel serves contemporary Australian cuisine and is fully licensed. Every day is their famous $5.95 roast lunch, available with any drink purchase. 
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Reviews of Calamvale Hotel

  • The majority of the food in their steak and seafood restaurant is pretty good, but I really dislike the fact you have to line up to order your meal.
    Also, the last time I went the waiter, standing at the other end of the table, just hands me my plate, forcing me to rise out of my chair, and reach for it; instead of placing it in front of me, like waiters at every other restaurant does.
    The time before that, the "sticky date pudding" I was looking forward to digging into, ended up being a mushy, watery pile of dough with water having seemingly replaced the butterscotch sauce. Not being too fussy a person, I took a spoonful of the mush; but could not force myself to eat the rest.
  • This venue has some major issues. The bar staff are very young and very inexperienced. Our drink orders were incorrect on numerous occasions and they just didn't seem to know the cost of drinks, some of which seemed suspiciously exorbitant. There were only two drinks in the order - that's not a lot to get wrong! My mate and I accepted this with a knowing shake of the head and accommodated this for a while when suddenly he was refused service by the bar staff. He rightly questioned the decision as he was nowhere near intoxicated or approaching inebriation at the time. He was then informed that six beers constitutes "Too much" in a pub setting. Understandable if the six beers were six buckets of beer I guess. I'm still wondering at why you'd knowingly serve someone six beers if you knew this was too much. Surely a warning statement such as "Hold up - you've had five beers mate, you'll turn into a wombat if you have another one" might have done the trick here. I'd consumed the same amount of alcohol but was allowed to continue purchasing drinks. Up until then we'd had a fairly okay time but were left completely bewildered by the arbitrary, capricious and completely inconsistent application of Responsible Service of Alcohol legislation. It just made no sense. My mate was invited to leave the premises and so we did taking our money and opinions with us which we now share at every given opportunity. In case anyone from the Calamvale/McGuire's management group is reading this - you need to lighten up - slightly fat, balding, grey haired middle aged men aren't your trouble making demographic and if left unprovoked will probably spend a fair amount of their disposable income in your establishment without fighting, falling down, annoying other patrons, or chundering chunks over your garishly decorated pub. Not coming back and will actively dissuade whoever will listen from attending your inhospitable, 'fun free zone' establishment.
  • I will never return to the Calamvale Hotel or the Pressure Lounge ever again. Not only were there obvious displays of bad costumer service by bar staff and door staff on arrival. (Having my change almost thrown in my face apon paying entry) Apon leaving the pressure lounge to fetch a ride home unprovoked one of the door staff thought it would be funny to spray me in the face with glass cleaner. This was followed by a verbal reaction by me (naturally alcohol + an unprovoked attack of glass cleaner). No physical actions of treats were made, however the bouncers thought it was appropriate to slap me with a life time ban. When I contacted Management they pretty much told me that no action would be taken against the staff member involved as my verbal reaction voided that staff members misconduct. What a poor excuse! The staff member goes unpunished, because of a verbal altercation which would never have taken place in the first place - hadnt I been attacked. This is poor management!!! Where is their duty of care???!!! I have worked in the events industry for 6 years had this been one of my staff, theyd be fired on the spot. The pack mentally and poor management of the place, its no wonder the Vale has been going nowhere but downhill! I will never recommend this venue to anyone! And would never have set foot in the place again, so the lifetime bann was pretty useless!
  • bmurray225 Local Star 603 reviews
    It have been a long time since I have been to the Calamvale Hotel but the new changes are great. Sat down in the bar area after ordering the meal and had a great dinner. Fair price but the food was great and high quality. Left was the band started setting up but worth a visit.
  • We popped in for dinner, admittedly it was late on a Saturday Night. The food was awesome, the service was abominable. The staff need a short course in customer relations. I have never been treated so poorly in my life. We will never ever go back to the restaurant even though the food was brilliant.
  • Always seems too be trouble.. Every time i have gone up there when the night club is open there is always a fight of some sort, nto something i like too see on a night out. Meals are not bad. Great for Sunday breakfast
  • Not a very good night club. Was really packed and pushy. Saw a fight early on. Might go back as this could have been a bad night?? Find out for yourself i guess.
  • Honestly i would never go to this place again. The 3 times i have been i have seen large fights.

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