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Campos Coffee is one of Newtown's most celebrated cafes. Offering high quality specialist coffee to its customers, it is safe to say that Campos Coffee is one of Sydney's best coffee makers. Customers can order from a range of freshly percolated types of bean and sit to watch the outside world bustle past. A truly relaxing and great tasting experience. 

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Imagine whipping up 200 cups of coffee an hour. Good thing Campos has baristas who can make 36 coffees in 16 minutes and you still get a mean latte.

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  • Dr Joe   6 reviews
    A classic. They do everything right here. You can also buy the Campos coffee beans and make your own too, but its never going to be the same as the coffee served at this place.
  • emiliaver   2 reviews
    I enjoy visiting this place as the coffee, customer service and the place itself is fabulous. Recommended!
  • Foodie000 Cafe Crowd   46 reviews
    Great coffee, good atmosphere, polite staff, fast service, what more could you want.
  • Nancy_B Cafe Crowd   57 reviews
    This tiny little coffee place is a shining example of how good things come in small packages! I have been getting coffee here now for a couple of years and the coffee is possibly the best Ive had in Sydney. The quality is amazing and though it is strong, it is smooth, not bitter. The cafe itself is very small and usually heaving with people but it is worth the wait and the wait is actually not usually too long as they have the whole thing down to a fine art. There are usually about four baristas on the machine, all dressed in black and all looking very serious about their craft. They are not in any way unfriendly though, just too busy making great coffee to stand around engaging in idle chit-chat. That's not to say that they dont have time for a quick exchange with their long-time regulars though. There is no writing names on cups to tell coffees apart, they just know who it belongs to (because they are cool like that!). While I usually only stop in here for a take-away, I have on a couple of occasions met a friend here and sat at one of the little tables at the back for an affogato. Now the Campos affogato is something else altogether. I dont know what they do or whether its the quality of the ice-cream paired with the quality of the coffee but I have never had another affogato like it. It also gives me heart palpitations for the rest of the day but thats a small price to pay for something so good.
  • C Sandiego   60 reviews
    This place makes me nostalgic. Whilst at uni I used to come here almost every day for my caffeine fix. The best coffee in Sydney i can quite confidently claim! Such a cute little hole in the wall cafe on Missenden road right near Sydney uni. Usually, I was coming here before class to get a double shot soy cappuccino takeaway. That is what got me out of bed in the mornings! Other times I would visit in the afternoon with a text book and sit up the back on a high wooden stool listening to the groovy electro-jazz tunes, every now and then taking my attention away from my study and watching the vibrant barista create his magic. On the weekend I might meet a friend here and enjoy a croissant or one of their amazing Campos Affogato's. I miss this place and still am always on the lookout for a cafe in my neighbourhood serving Campos coffee. Coffee connoisseurs must try this place!
  • Pyrmont V   5 reviews
    Love this place. If you are an inner west local. It is one place you really must see. Staff are fast, they have a great production line and the Quality of the Coffee....well..Arguably the best Coffee in Sydney....Yes I know thats a big call but its True.
  • MalcolmG   4 reviews
    Spectacular coffee, friendly staff. I would (and have) driven well out of my way for a fix.
  • sallyt   2 reviews
    This place certainly has great coffee but the attitude that comes with it is sometimes something to behold. I have a friend who was told to go outside as he was just finishing up am apple when he walked in the the smell would ruin the coffee aromas! The staff are generally very friendly - it seems the management is the problem. Also the takeaway cup always seems to be only 3/4 full and the cups used to drink there are so small that 2 sips and the coffee is fininshed (and that's a cappucino, not a short black!)
  • Alex M   25 reviews
    What can I say...... as a coffee lover, this place is my number one coffee/cafe. Thanks for the great service. I even use it at home now, try the superior blend, awesome. Oh and when travelling in the city, you can find there mobile coffee caravan at Central station.
  • martykara   8 reviews
    The staff are very friendly and most importantly the coffee is awesome. well worth the little bit extra.




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