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  • rhonda remember Newbie   1 review
    The last time I was there I waited for 2 1/2 hours what is with this Medical centre I will never go there again

    9 months ago - 23/06/2014

  • Kelpass Newbie   2 reviews
    If they had more doctors in they would star better.
    What an absolute joke, are we suppose to dedicate an entire day to see a doctor.
    The receptionists are also rude and need an attitude adjustment.
    Here because i need a doctor!
  • Will Warin Newbie   1 review
    I've been going here for 5+ years. And I live in and area where there is at least 15 "Medical centres" in 5 km radius. Although I've really only been seening one doctor (who is great btw) the other doctors also seem very caring as well. The receptionist staff have never been anything but helpful as well. Pathology onsite is alsi useful. The wait so some time can be long but thats probably because they offer such a great service.
  • Smithers23 Newbie   1 review
    Highly commendable service by the receptionists as equaled by the doctors. I've been a patient at this medical centre for many years and I've always been treated well by the friendly staff at the reception desk who are more than happy to ensure a welcoming atmosphere accompanies by visit.
  • jmd88 Newbie   1 review
    I just called to ask about the results to a blood test that I had two weeks ago (and was told I'd be called either way to discuss them - but was not). The reception staff was very rude in handling my query as they simply wanted to hang up and rushed the conversation. They were also quite condescending as I asked them about the doctor's consultation hours and they claimed that the doctor in question did not exist. Turns out they do.

    Furthermore, on my last visit, I was seen by a doctor that rushed my consultation and told me to stay with them so that they could print off some medical certificates because "customers can be annoying".

    Unfriendliness resonates everywhere in this place.
  • Soozie Bea   2 reviews
    I love this place!

    I have specialists and a GP who is hard to see but brilliant. But here is where I go when I'm not well and need to see someone that day.

    Keeps me away from the Emergency room when all I need is a script.

    Never kept waiting for long.
  • eluneve Newbie   1 review
    The doctors are not bad, except for a few uncomfortable events where a doctor would ask me at each visit if I were still a virgin or not. Or the other doctor who made me do breathing exercises through one nostel when I went there for a flu vaccine only. The main issue with this medical centre is the staff. The receptionists spend most of their time talking with eachother while a que of paitents grow. One receptionist even revieled to my mother the medical circumstances behind one paitent who fainted at the medical centre and gave out private and confidential information. One receptionist forgot to put out my file for my name to be called out and I had been waiting for over 4 hours. They would forget to inform pathology that you are waiting for them and allow the people they know to cut cues. Over the phone their manner is rude and talk to you as though you are a burden to them for having asked a simple question such as 'would I need to make an appointment to see this doctor'. There is a chemist at the medical centre and the staff at the chemist are exceptionally friendly and informative. This my review. Thank you.
    • Anup123 Newbie 
      I absolutely agree with you. Staff are terrible, not friendly and spend time in talking with one another.


  • Miss Chi Chi Newbie   1 review
    I had a wonderful experience with Dr Qu, a very holistic approach and I got immediate results where 4 other doctors I'd seen previously had failed and simply medicated me rather than treat my problem.
  • Tammy Cogo   2 reviews
    the staff who worked on 20th aug monday was very rude and unhelpful. i was given wrong info to begin with which wasted my time n caused a longer, more anxious wait for my results. the staff was letting her `friends` cut the cue!
  • karen82 Newbie   1 review
    Saw a Doctor at this centre and was told they'd have to run test, they didn't mention I would be billed for the test and I received a bill for $136 in the mail from the pathology lab. Be sure to ask Doctors about these charges before they send off samples.

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