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  • tmjee   16 reviews
    The coffee is alright for me perhaps a bit too empowering but that's just me. They serve alcohols as well but mostly bottled ones. Very nice environment though. It's more like a posh dinner.

    1 month ago - 22/08/2014

  • Shailss Local Star   31 reviews
    I recently started going to this place for my morning coffee. Found the coffee to be always good with deep and nutty richness. They offer a $5 coffee+toast combo with really good quality toast .
    Offer a loyalty card as well with a free coffee for every 6 coffees :)

    1 month ago - 20/08/2014

  • Kelly Mill   11 reviews
    This is one of those cafes that I always wish wasn't so conveniently located. The food is decent and so is the coffee, but the instances of woeful service are just too frequent. Staff are often annoyed that customers are "in their way" rather than taking an extra two steps to walk around.
    Canopy is fine as long as you have suitably low expectations for service.
  • OliverK_Wilkin   10 reviews
    A nice cafe in the center of the city. I've been here several times and I liked every one of them. The coffee is excellent and I too have received cappuccinos with art on top. The place is wonderful and cozy.
  • Joanne Lee Phin Local Star   337 reviews
    I didn't use to like the coffee here when it opened, but I thought I'd give it another go after hearing a couple of good reviews from friends. I was also recommended their home-made tarts. After popping back a couple of times recently, I must agree with the recommendations. I get a macchiato and they do it nicely with not too much milk or froth (though you can ask for more) and they even do awesome latte art if they are not too busy.

    The tarts are divine, I am in love with the banoffee and lemon meringue tarts. They're small and just the right size for an afternoon sweetie. Service is warm and friendly, and the staff don't mind a bit of banter.

    If not for trying to cut down on sweets, I'd be here all the time. Great stuff!
  • beanboy Foodie   309 reviews
    Such a great spot, its modern and packs out at lunch time espeically in Summer. If you don't mind spending $20 + for lunch during the week, then this place is worth a try.
  • simonc22 Local Star   140 reviews
    Nice cafe. I like the decor and the outside area is north facing so gets great sun. The coffee is good and croissants always fresh.
  • Pittwater   3 reviews
    When this place opened it was CLEAN and the staff were HELPFUL. Now the outdoor area is dirty and run down! And the wait staff are dreadful. This is the perfect locale...SHAPE UP AND REGAIN THE ORIGINAL BUZZ AND STANDARDS.
  • bradlyloco Local Star   175 reviews
    These guys do a good job at serving fresh food and good coffee. When it first opened, I didn't really see that a restaurant/cafe could really take off there - but, it's consistently busy and surprisingly so, even on the weekends.

    A convenient little takeaway coffee cart out the front for a quick grab and go coffee on the way to work.





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