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Cardiff, NSW
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Sun 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
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Reviews of Cardiff Auto Wreckers

  • I just called this place and the staff who answers the phone is brash, rough, in a hurry, and does not know a thing about customer service. How about putting someone on the phones that is actually friendly? I know it is an auto wreckers but please have some standards. That staff needs to learn how to be friendly and treat people as though they are not a bother to them. We are calling to give YOU business!!!! I have decided to take my business elsewhere due to their poor and snappy, grumpy, and impatient attitude on the phone.
  • Bad customer service. First they wont sell me a part because its bolted to something else and then complain when i wont buy practically the whole car for 5 times the price i could buy the part for new for. Plenty of other wreckers to try.
  • not a bad bunch, very busy little yard, decent prices, usually able to help you out.
  • My family have been using this wreckers for years to get parts of various cars and also to sell once the cars had been beyond repair. Decent prices and decent people.
  • i was traveling from sydney to Queensland and my gearbox went i contacted Cardiff auto wreckers they towed my car in, fix it. great service and all this was on a sunday.
  • Cardiff Auto Wreckers advised me they would collect vehicle for disposal on certain day,

    Regrettably they did not, most disapointingly they did not bother to phone and advise -leaving me stuck for the weekend

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