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Reviews of Carmens Nails & Beauty Centre

  • Back in the days this is the place to go to!!!! After management had changed i continued to go to this salon but had to stop due to a bad infection i had caught from there about a year ag0. :( i happily go to another salon in Sylvania, and they are great!
  • I'm not a fan of this salon. Especially when you walk in to the rooms and see grubby and grime mess everywhere. The beauticians are average.. Um did I mention how annoying of the staffs are there. Won't stop asking you a million questions and offering stuff. not to mention this salon is so dirty :/ HIRE A CLEANER!
  • I have been reading some of the reviews and am actually really taken back. I have been a loyal customer to Kim and of Carmen's for years and have been going every week since. We are all entitled to an opinion however I do not agree with any of the negative feedback that has been written. The team at Carmen's are amazing. I am a perfectionist and Kim spends the time In detail into making sure I leave there feeling happy and confident every week. Not only are they friendly and professional but they really get to know what their customers needs are. They even go far beyond customer expectations. I always trust Kim as she is a professional and goes beyond any other beautician in your generic brands in Hurstville. Kim always creates a comfortable environment where not only do I benefit from the treatments provided but I am also very relaxed. I always trust her recommendations as she is the professional in her field. I am in a high profile corporate position and run a business myself. I deal with people on a day to day basis and the service that is provided by Carmen's is beyond any service provided in the retail industry and is really all about the customer.

    Kim has taken days to help me prepare for major events and go out of her way to make sure I am perfected head to toe. She always fits me in even if it is last minute.

    Carmen's is based on loyal customers and word of mouth. Every week the same people are back. For people to keep returning to a business shows the dedication of the team and their efforts to maintain people's needs.

    I would suggest that when writing a negative review you really consider how you can judge such a well known and exceptional business based on
    a one time experience. It's people like yourself that chop and change beauticians and don't remain loyal to one. If you really knew Kim and her team I can guarantee you that you would also benefit from the service provided. At the end
    Of the day Carmen's is a business and it has every right to upsell to customers. You are sold to on a daily basis. You cannot single out a business based on that fact alone. I actually find it very amusing you have taken the time to write this review. Time is money.

    Carmen's keep up your fantastic work, your dedication, your loyalty and your attention to detail. You have a customer for life with me. I do not trust anyone else in the beauty industry to do as good as a job you do!

    Love you girls,
    See you soon,
    Dan x
  • Have been going to Carmen's for my eyebrows for almost 6 years now! Whatever I ask for they deliver and exactly how I want it. The staff know exactly what I want and I'm picky as all, they have never failed me.

    Have converted both my brothers (waxing and facials) and my sister and 2 friends.

    I don't let anyone else touch my eyebrows! They pay close attention and are very meticulous and careful will how precise they are. Recommend!!!!
  • After been recommended by a friend I went to Carmens Nails and Beauty for gel nails, After spoken to the owner I decided to get a eyebrows tattoo. Book in for an early session 8:30 I walked out by 9am with a beautiful natural looking tattoo. its so natural and details and I can see every strokes...I loved it. Going back there soon for a touch up. Thanks Kim.

    PS: Yes they do recommend services that they think I need...and honestly I am glad they did.
  • I went to Carmens nails & beauty for the first time recently, the staff are frienly and helpful, they are also quick and thorough. The prices are also resonable and walked out feeling relaxed and fresh. "I would recomend to anyone!!!"
  • I've been going to Carmens for years and always a great service...very friendly staff and a relaxed environment - I would highly recommend acrylic nails and waxing.

    My favourite local beauty salon! Kim the manager and staff are all AMAZING
  • I am a loyal client of Carmen Nails& Beauty, I have been there for the pass 6-7yrs and I more then happy with all the service that they had provided,their staff is so friendly, they have treated me like their family, they only upgrade their service if they think I do need it, like any business they have all the right to upgrade but it's up to the individual to accepted it or declined. Once again I am a loyal customer and I highly recommend to all you girls out there whom would like to get themselves pampered. Reading other comments is way far out of my believe. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO ALL WOMEN OUT THERE
  • Carmen's Beauty nails and beauty HURSTVILLE. Do not encourage anyone to go to this beauty salon. Very unhygienic with old facial machinery. I went in for a wax which lead on to a facial that I got talked in to. Fair enough as I needed one. I was recommended the deep cleanse facial which is $95 which I happily did. Not knowing it was only $55 till I found out on their website a day later. Before the facial I was getting my eye lashes curled. As i had my eyes closed I had noticed a very hot burning sensation on my leg, which made me jump in fright. I then opened my eyes and it appeared to be a steamer left on by a staff member and directed towards my leg. (Extremely painful). Not even 10 minutes in my eye lash curling the eye lash curlers were taken off by a staff member and i was sitting there with a ice pack on my leg. Then after they had proceeded with the facial. After the facial i had my eye lashes tinted which was supposed to be ''free''. (Didn't make any difference in color). Of course I paid every cent for the waxing and facial that I was over charged on, not to mention the eye lash curling that wasn't completed. Unlucky for me I had to find out later that everything costed much less than what I paid. I did call and speak to them but the only thing they said was that if I knew how much everything costed, then why didn't I say so? Unfortunately I didn't get a refund but surely I will NEVER go back there again!! Beware folks.. the staff don't listen to you but constantly offer different services.
  • Carmen is the most downgrading, pathetic beauty shop I have been too honestly. I went their to get one thing done and then the staff decides to keep asking me if I wanted a facial with that and extra add ons which i specifically said no too. Staff then continuously kept asking for it and bragging on about it! It was so annoying honestly. Mind you when I said no staff looked me up and down with dirties and then left and got another staff to finish off what staff started. Like really? totally pathetic. and staff had the nerve to ask did you bring your credit card. So disrespectful to your clients. No wonder people aren't attending your store because of your bad customer service that you have to force people to get more things done in a annoying way to get money. First and last time will I ever go there. MY OPINION.
    • OH my gosh!!! I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM!!!!! I completely agree with you too.The staff working there are DISGUSTING AND DISRESPECTFUL! I'll make sure nobody goes there again.
  • Please don't bother to read the other review.
    Obviously she doesnt know what she is talking about, Carmens Nails & Beauty deserves a 5 star.

    Carmens Nails & Beauty Centre is the best beautician place I've ever been. If you're looking for the best service, for comfort, affordable price, great results, with friendly, trained beauticians - look no futher. This is defiantly the place.

    I have been going here for the past 6 years now, and every visit; never disappoints me. It is by far the best salon in Sydney, other places don't compete and don't make you feel completely satified as they do at Carmens Nails & Beauty.

    They defiantly will ensure that you feel totally relaxed as you're pampered.

    Yours Faithfully,
    • You are probably staff that's why you have something good to say. Everyone needs to know how bad they are. SOOOOOOOO unhygienic with old dirty machinery. Staff offering non stop services even if you say NO!! They are very disrespectful and have a c***** attitude. Not to mention the service they give...VERYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY unprofessional and inexperienced.
    • I am totally agree with you - CARMENS NAILS & BEAUTY are the most friend and professional busy in the local area and Sydney - please don't bother to read other view... it is NOT TRUE!!!!
    • Mzadii given by the way you speak I'm actually quite pleased your presence will not be in the salon. I am a very loyal customer of Carmen's for years and go there to relax and enjoy treatments.

  • Carmens is OK. Nothing special.

    They're beauticians are quite friendly and the prices are decent, HOWEVER don't expect to relax here. You'll spend the whole saying, "No thanks" to all these 'casually' suggested extras.

    I went in there to get a facial with eyebrow wax, and an eyelash tint (which they managed to get all underneath my eyes). During the facial I was suggested the following would 'look great' on me: eyebrow tint, lip wax, upgraded facial, eyelash perm, paraffin wax treatment on face, paraffin wax treatment on hands, purchasing a gel, purchasing a mask. It was a bit much when all I wanted was to relax and was already spending quite enough there.

    I ended up getting an eyebrow wax added to my treatment as I had been considering it previously and they did a TERRIBLE job. First and last time I'll ever get it done. I currently have dark blonde hair and dark brown lashes. Not a good look.

    Not to mention there was a member of staff in the room next to me swearing loudly on her phone about a fine.

    All in all, OK prices, nice enough women with way too much push for business that ruins the entire experience.

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