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Reviews of Casey Superclinic Pharmacy

  • My Son was unsettled all night with high temperature during the winter I ran out of Children's Nurofen, lucky the friendly pharmacist who answered my call at 3am confirmed they were open, I drove there at 3:20am was greeted by friendly pharmacist who cracked a joke and was happy to know the chemist and medical centre near my place is opened 24hr Thank you my son slept the rest of the night great work
  • I have been to this pharmacy on several occasions due to their convenience. They are located within the Casey Super clinic building and they are open 24 hours. Everytime i have needed a prescription filled the pharmacist has been very helpful and took the time to explain the medications. The only downside is they are a small pharmacy and tend not to stock alot of things, also on both occasions the 'generic' version of medication has been out of stock meaning i have had to purchase to more expensive version.
  • Rude rude rude!! Tried to order something...tried calling a couple if times and kept getting put onto different staff who were not helpful and made me feel like an inconvenience! Zero customer service!! Will never buy anything from there. Priceline nearby were much more helpful.
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